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Jimmy and Katia Rocks - Brazil

We felt a strong call to Florianopolis to be part of planting biblically-based, grace-filled churches that are empowered by the Holy Spirit in a culture longing for authentic community and a safe, informal and relational environment to explore faith.

Our role is to plant a church that will go on to plant other churches. We want to share Jesus with others and help folks grow as disciples through spiritual input and providing practical opportunities for them to put their faith into action. We currently lead a newly forming church and are seeking to serve the local community.


We called to share the good news of Jesus and his kingdom, to make committed followers of Jesus and plant new churches that will impact the local community positively. We feel called to this with words, through demonstrations of the Holy Spirit’s power and serving the local community.


We are sharing Jesus with others, church planting and helping others to do the same.

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We both became Christians in 1999, Katia in Brazil and Jimmy in the UK. We met on a mission trip in 2003 and got married in Brazil in 2006 and served as volunteers with South American Mission Society. In 2007 we moved to the UK, where Jimmy trained for ordained ministry in the Church of England in Bristol. He did a pioneer curacy at St Michael’s Church Stoke Gifford, taking a leading role in planting a youth congregation and a congregation on a new housing estate. We have two young children, Joanna and Davi. After starting married life together in Brazil we always felt a call back to return to share Jesus and to start new churches that serve the communities they are planted in.

We are part of Church Mission Society because of their emphasis on sharing Jesus with others and pioneering. We value being part of a larger community on a mission and having practical support and prayer support which is vital in being released to play our part in God’s mission.