Liew Hoi Yan, Malaysia


Liew Hoi Yan, Malaysia

Secondary school teacher, field worker and home guardian at a centre for refugees

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Hoi Yan takes care of the girls at the refugees’ home, buying the groceries, accompanying and caring for them, praying for them, and guiding them in their homework. She also maintains contact with refugees in different areas within the Klang Valley, through home visitation and food distribution.

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Hoi Yan’s story

Hoi Yan was raised in a strictly Buddhist home and did not know Jesus until her first year of college when she moved from her small hometown to the big city.

Watching her college roommate read her Bible everyday made Hoi Yan curious and she began to ask questions. She was introduced to another friend, on staff at Campus Crusade for Christ, who shared the gospel with her, and Hoi Yan accepted Christ.

She then began to join in every fellowship, prayer meetings, discipleship, trainings and also mission trips. However, her family knew nothing about her conversion. After a year, she told her family, who did not favour Hoi Yan’s choice. Nevertheless, she continued to pursue Christ and her love for serving him in the mission field grew.

After four years, Hoi Yan graduated university and subsequently began working with refugees. She is currently a secondary school teacher, field worker and home guardian at a centre for refugees.

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