Malcolm Pritchard, Uganda

Malcolm Pritchard, Uganda

Theological college tutor, helping to promote spiritual development and a faithful understanding of the gospel in college life.

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I am involved in day to day teaching at Archbishop Janani Luwum Theological College, Gulu, as well as mentoring students one-to-one. I also lead the English service at Christ Church, Gulu, and preach at the college and different churches in the area.

My work is serving the Diocese of Northern Uganda as the bishop seeks to give those clergy already in post the training that many have not yet received. By doing so, I am assisting the recruitment of Ugandan theological/Bible trainers to this part of Northern Uganda.

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Malcolm’s story

Previously, I was a parish vicar for over 20 years, during which time I developed links with Africa. As secretary of a UK trust supporting theological education at Domboshawa Theological College in Zimbabwe, I was involved in fundraising, prayer, teaching and supporting college staff and students. More recently, I was a team member and team leader for short-term missions in Uganda and South Sudan with the Anglican renewal agency Sharing of Ministries Abroad (SOMA).

Both building up relationships over the long term and experiencing the joys and sorrows of mission in short-term visits were significant in affirming my calling. I believe that mission is about relationships, with Jesus at the centre, and I have enjoyed getting to know new people and deepening friendships in Northern Uganda.

It was a no-brainer for me to test my calling through Church Mission Society because of personal historic links. As a student, I had a short term placement with CMS in Kenya and my father served on the finance committee for many years. The churches I have served have also supported CMS link mission partners. And I now find the broad support the community of CMS gives to mission partners invaluable.

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