Oleg Kligman - Israel/Palestine

I welcome people who want to break free of drug and alcohol addiction into our Christ-centred rehab programme, where we have devotionals every morning and evening and hold a service in the local church on Shabbat (the Sabbath). On Sundays our team goes to Tel Aviv to serve in the city centre among drug addicts and homeless people. We give out food, worship and share about God.

Having found freedom from addiction through Christ at a Christian rehab centre myself, I know exactly what our rehabilitants are going through. I live in the rehab centre with the guys, and I am always available if they need me. I help them find their strength in Jesus and rebuild their lives.


To invite addicts into the glorious freedom Jesus offers and to walk alongside them as they break free from addiction and rebuild their lives.


Director of a Christ-centred rehab centre, living with rehabilitants, helping them to grow in Jesus through regular devotions and prayer as they work towards freedom.

More about Oleg Kligman

I was born into a Jewish family of four children in Russia. Our life was relatively trouble-free and the atmosphere in our home was always warm and cosy. By the time I was 15-16 years old, I had become involved in criminal activity and I fought a lot on the streets. My first arrests followed, and my first court hearings. At 20, I immigrated to Israel and began to abuse drugs as soon as I arrived. A year later I had an Israeli criminal record as well. I tried many times to leave crime and drugs, but nothing worked. I spent 12 years in jail.

I abused drugs for 20 years, and no one could help me, not even my family members. Relationships with them remained good, but I never told them much or asked for anything. While I was serving one of my jail sentences, my father and my sister died and I couldn’t pay them my last respects. I started thinking about God. Even though I realised my addiction and crimes were depriving me of everything, I was powerless to break free. Neither the tears of my relatives, nor the state rehab centre could help me.

In 2017, I was released from jail once again, but I had no illusions that I would not return there eventually. One day, when I was sitting and smoking drugs in the park, a friend of mine came up to me and gave me the number of the same Christian rehab centre where I now work. I called them and was admitted on the same day. Two months later I repented, and four months later I was baptised. The Lord had broken my addiction and accomplished what nobody else could. Today I am grateful to the Lord Jesus that I have something that I would never have found without him. And I want to help others find freedom, too.

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