Onesphore Ndayizigamiye


Onesphore Ndayizigamiye

Representing CMS-Africa in Burundi, coordinate its activities, organising meetings and trainings, and advising on the placement of the people in mission and volunteers in Burundi.

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My day to day work is as a full-time minister and I also represent CMS-Africa in Burundi and coordinate its activities.

Before I was trained in the CMS-Africa programmes, I used to do things in disorder. But from when I was trained, my mind was changed and transformed. I learnt how to do things in God’s way and I was able to save and invest in small things. Now I have bought a plot where I planted maize and harvested enough to feed my family for a whole year, the rest given to the church and poor. This has impacted the lives in the community where by my force works are people from my local community. I served as an example in the church in contributing to the work of God.

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Onesphore’s story

I was born in Burundi in 1977 in a Christian family. After I have finished primary school there my life was changed completely and felt my life was no more the same after I have confessed. I started high school in my home town and then started a prayer group with six of my fellow students; when I left we were more than 70. At the same time I was chosen twice to be the president of the school council.

It was also in those years that I received the call to serve God as a minister: three times God sent to me a person to tell me that he wanted me to serve him. After finishing high school and passing the state exam, the bishop recommended me to pursue theological studies at Matana Theological Institute for three years.

After the three years, I was appointed accountant at the Diocesan Office and assistant to the provost for four years, that is 2006 to 2010. Then I went back to school at Carlile College until 2013. From that time, I was appointed at Ebenezer Cathedral until now.     

Being part of CMS-Africa to me means that God is opening for me another opportunity to serve him. I will be able to meet with other local partners and exchange the experience on what we are going through as people in mission. Being part of CMS-Africa is an opportunity to connect with other people in Africa and also in the world.

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