Pastor J, Indonesia


Pastor J, Indonesia

Serving and reaching out to an unreached people group

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Pastor J works amongst an unreached people group in one of the Indonesian islands. His ministry helps poor people in rural areas within the island and they help the community by providing education, starting from kindergarten, with a free tuition centre.

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Pastor J’s story

While studying in Singapore for his Masters in Missions, he received a revelation from God that he will serve and reach out to an unreached ethnic group.

He had a vision of a fisherman in a boat and on top of the fisherman there were seven lights, which spoke of the perfection of the Holy Spirit. This vision really encouraged him and strengthened his calling to reach the unreached ethnic group.

With so many children who are orphaned around them, they also adopt these children and provide them with accommodation and free education.

One of the vital roles of his ministry is to provide education for the children in the rural area. Every year they give out scholarships for 40 children to attend their kindergarten, which includes free uniform, school fees, books.

The ministry is also helping a few of the older orphaned children to attend a local primary and high school by providing them school fees, uniforms, accommodation, and other basic necessities.

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