Patricia and Peter Wyard, DR Congo

Patricia and Peter Wyard, DR Congo

Patricia is a palliative care doctor teaching and supporting local medical staff. Peter teaches students preparing for ministry in Aru.

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Patricia uses her clinical and teaching skills to support and develop the palliative care team in Aru as they show God’s love through holistic care.

Peter is a lecturer at the theological college as well as visiting the ministers in their rural parishes to offer further training, mentoring and encouragement.

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Patricia and Peter’s story

Visiting Aru in 2016, the welcome we received left us speechless, while the level of deprivation and lack of resources or opportunities faced by so many of the local people moved us. When Bishop Ande said that our visit was “trop court” (too short), we felt compelled to go back in 2017. On our return, we had a strong sense of three things calling us to Aru: the size of the need, the combination of skills and gifts that God has given us as a couple, and the strength of the invitation from the diocese.

Patricia is continuing the development of palliative medical care, teaching and supporting the nurses-in-training and the local doctors in their clinical work in order to help improve standards. Palliative care is still a very new area of care within DR Congo, looking after people at the end of their life. It’s fully holistic in that it deals with the physical, spiritual, social and psychological sides and shows God’s love to them.

Peter is teaching theological students preparing for ministry, and offering training and support to clergy and the people of the Diocese of Aru, who mostly live in remote locations.

Patricia is Belgian and Peter is British. We met in France and Patricia came to live and work in the UK as a doctor and we were married in 1986. Over the following years we were blessed with three children, Maria, Catherine and Henry, who have always been very supportive of our call.

Peter had always felt a call to ordained ministry, and after two careers in teaching and research, he was finally ordained in 2002. Apart from the pre-eminence of helping people come to a living faith in Jesus, one of our deepest passions has been for the holistic mission of the church, in every dimension of life. We have always been very committed and interested in the overseas church, and we love to nurture the bonds of friendship and fellowship with people of all cultures.

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