Peter and Vasantha, India


Peter and Vasantha, India

Creating quality video material for schools built on biblical values

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Our role is to create a systematic and adaptable video platform for schools to subscribe and use as part of their mandatory value education curriculum.

Our thematic series of video lessons along with worksheets will be used to engage children to reflect, think and take action to become responsible citizens with the foundations of Kingdom Principles.

  • South Asia: theology exams and assignments

    Mission partner F asks for prayer for theology students as they do their exams and practical assignments before their graduation on 15 December. Please pray that the long-delayed board meeting may take place soon and that the principal can get some help with the accounts and administration. Please pray, too, for young women to sign… Read more

  • South Asia: church Christmas event

    Mission partners E and R write that their church is planning an event for children at a local charity, a separate Christmas event for an apartment block which has hundreds of families of various faiths and backgrounds as well as a joint service with a sister church. Please pray for all these events to go… Read more

Peter and Vasantha’s story

Peter and Vasantha have a heart to share kingdom values to school children in a systematic way – through films that are thought-provoking, contextual, and relevant to the times. They believe in the idea of rebuilding their nation with biblical values.

Based in Bangalore, Peter conceptualises, directs and produces thematic films and video series. He has also directed several films, documentaries, video series and educational videos for NGOS and colleges.

Vasantha provides individual counselling, teaches counselling psychology for colleges and leads a team of counsellors for India’s first pregnancy helpline.

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