Phil and Sylvie Good, Lebanon

Phil and Sylvie Good, Lebanon

Supporting multiple organisations discipling new believers across the MENA region and fundraising to bring the good news across borders

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Phil and Sylvie Good are connecting and sharing life with people who desperately need to know the God who leaves no one behind even when everyone else has moved on. In Beirut, people are reeling from multiple crises and are hungry for the hope the gospel brings. Many Syrian refugees have already committed their lives to Jesus and are exploring their newfound faith, while others are still waiting to hear the good news.

As well as investing time in people individually, Phil and Sylvie are fundraising for SAT-7, a Christian broadcaster focusing on issues people in the region are facing, and providing communications support to another organisation which provides discipleship materials and runs training events for new believers throughout the region.

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Phil and Sylvie’s story

Our call has come out of a deep hunger to serve others. For years we thought we were just too ordinary for mission work, but we have learned that God uses ordinary people from every walk of life. Now we are responding to what Antonio Guterres, secretary-general of the United Nations, has called the “worst humanitarian crisis of our generation”. Since 2011, Lebanon has taken in nearly two million Syrian refugees, a number equivalent to about a third of its population.

We are particularly drawn to the work going on with Syrian refugees and have chosen to live among them in the poor housing of East Beirut, building relationships with refugees and marginalised people from other backgrounds. It is our strong belief that, although we are from another country and culture, we can demonstrate that the love of Jesus crosses all barriers. Although refugees in Lebanon are seemingly without human hope, they are discovering Jesus as saviour and finding a new freedom. Some of them can even say they are glad they became refugees because they have met Jesus as a result.

We became Christians separately in our teens but from even before we met and married, we each had a commitment to global mission. Our passion has remained consistent over the years. As a family with four young children, we travelled across Africa in a Land Rover just to see it first hand, a life-changing experience through connecting to the development work there. Phil taught irrigation in Africa with VSO before moving into full-time corporate work and, more recently, Sylvie has worked with refugees in the Calais “Jungle”.

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