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Steve Poulson - Honduras

In Tegucigalpa there are many children living on the streets and many who are at high risk of doing so. I will be working with local projects in their mission to rescue children from street life, prevent children from living on the streets in the first place and to stop them from joining gangs.

Working with Street Kids Direct, I will represent the charity at meetings and conferences and will help projects be accountable for the funds given to them. I will provide practical support such as helping with grant applications and setting up a youth club. I will also be exploring opportunities for fundraising in-country.


To build positive relationships with and between projects that work with street children in Tegucigalpa


To represent Street Kids Direct, providing practical support as such as networking, safeguarding training, mentoring and local fundraising projects

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Since my first visit to Honduras in 2009 I knew I’d be called to live there at some point. I grew up in Amersham, a small commuter town outside London, was involved in church, enjoyed playing in a band and got my A-levels. A visit to Zambia in 2008 renewed my faith; it was no longer something just for my middle-class home-counties worldview; this was real and for everyone.

When I became a church youth worker, the thought of Honduras never went away. God led me to take groups of young people to Honduras, and to study aspects of my experiences there. I studied young people, communities and practical theology at the Institute for Children, Youth and Mission.
I am excited to learn more as I serve in Honduras, helping to develop projects, communities and individuals and exploring with people who the living God is and how his good news is for everyone.

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