Pioneering Parishes

Helping parishes become more pioneering

Pioneering Parishes provides webinars to help parishes start to move their energy outwards, become more pioneering and network with others

Pioneering Parishes takes seriously the idea that pioneering is integral to healthy parish life. In traditional priestly terminology, it allows parish priests (and other church leaders) to extend the cure of souls to people from a wider range of backgrounds, people who are as yet unconnected with the life of faith. 

Rev Robin Lodge of St Andrew’s Church Taunton on what he has valued from Pioneering Parishes

Pioneering Parishes: what’s on offer

Pioneering Parishes: Starting Out offers lenses, postures, practices and tools to enable churches to become more pioneering and develop a mixed ecology of church.

Pioneering Parishes: Next Steps facilitates a space for church leadership teams to share their experience and wisdom in enabling culture change and shifting the energy of the church outwards into the community.

Pioneering Parishes: Storytelling sits alongside the two webinar series. This monthly gathering aims to foster a learning community for people who want to make pioneering integral to parish life.

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Parish consultant Caroline Bruce explains how and why Pioneering Parishes can help

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