Pioneer Advocates book club

Pioneer Advocates
book club

The book club for those who support pioneers, lead parishes and/or want to see culture change in their worshipping community.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who is interested in pioneering in a parish context whether they are pioneers or not. It’s a great place to continue your learning and join discussions if you have completed First Steps or any other Pioneering Parishes course.

When is it?

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What can I expect?

An informal discussion of the current book hosted by Jenn Camirand and Greg Bakker. Each month the group will focus on a chapter and consider how it is applicable to various contexts and what it means for you. Expect deep thinking, an opportunity to examine feelings and plenty of humour.

What are we reading?

The first book is called Orbiting the Giant Hairball, which is full of cartoons and insightful stories about how a team leader helped protect the creativity of his team members from the wider organisation. It is incredibly applicable to pioneer advocates who want to create an environment for lay and ordained pioneers to flourish and start new things.

The Tuesday 4 June session will focus on chapters 5 – 8.

The Tuesday 2 July session will explore on chapters 9 – 12.

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Led by?

Jenn Camirand

Jenn was ordained in June of 2023, and serves as an assistant curate in the parish of West Leigh, at St Alban’s church, in the Diocese of Portsmouth.

Prior to beginning her life in England Jenn lectured in nutrition in Canada, where she was born and raised, and practised as both a clinical and culinary nutritionist. Jenn’s previous experience in middle to large business operations fostered a profound interest in both ethical and cooperative business structure, and led to the realisation of two small businesses centred around nutrition and the environment, food supply, and the availability of healthy food for all. Before entering the workforce Jenn’s formal education was in literature and print journalism.

Since joining the Church of England Jenn has worshipped at St Luke’s church in Southsea, where she has worked in a volunteer capacity in online and in person mission, discipleship, and community engagement, and supported some of the pioneer work being done there.

As a follower of Jesus, and a Christian, Jenn’s interests include a deep rooting in both the sacraments and scripture, working inclusively within the church, community, and faith groups to promote both spiritual and physical well-being, and to create an environment that is welcoming to those with faith and none. Jenn believes strongly that worshipping a generous God is about the hope that if we do things in a humble, loving, and respectful way, that we will, both individually and collectively, be transformed.

Jenn shares her life with her partner Tineke, and loves spending time vegetable gardening, writing, cycling, cooking, and searching for the place where God is at work in the world.

Rev Greg Bakker

Greg is as an experienced parish priest of 30 years and thought leader in the skill of advocating for pioneers, he is committed to creating space for both pioneers and parish churches to thrive in the work of developing new Christian communities. Greg was previously pioneer development officer for the Diocese of Portsmouth.

Where is it?

Takes place via Zoom.

How much does it cost?


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