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Mission is…not just western - Audiomission Nov 2017

Debora and Levi Santana in this month's Audiomission

This month we continue exploring some of the myths that persist around our understanding of what “Mission Is”, as part of Church Mission Society’s “Mission Is” campaign. Find out more about this and the new resources available to help you and your church explore what Mission Is at

Many people still assume that mission as about people from the West going to the global south – and they have all sorts of concerns about that. But today, although mission does still include people from the West going to the global south, it’s about so much more, and later we’ll hear from a young Brazilian couple reflecting on the nature of global mission.

First we hear from an Indian-born mission partner, who is now working back in India, via Africa and Britain. 

Then we hear from some Western mission partners about the new generation of leaders of the church in the Chaco in remote northern Argentina. David and Shelley Stokes are working with the diocese of northern Argentina to provide training and to walk alongside indigenous leaders as they work out what it means to be a church leader in their culture. 

Finally this month, we turn to Brazil, or rather to Debora and Levi Santana (main picture), who have been working in Britain, where Levi has been a pioneer curate, but who are originally from central Brazil. In the summer they returned to their homeland as CMS mission partners.