Prayer News 15 May 2020

Pause with Scripture

Though the Lord be high, he watches over the lowly; as for the proud, he regards them from afar. Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you will preserve me; you will stretch forth your hand against the fury of my enemies; your right hand will save me. The Lord shall make good his purpose for me; your loving-kindness, O Lord, endures for ever; forsake not the work of your hands.

Psalm 138:6-8



Pray for mission partner Jason Day, as he is having some health issues. Pray that doctors will have wisdom and that these issues will be resolved.  

South East Asia

We asked you to pray for a mission partner couple in South East Asia who have been expecting their third child. Give thanks for the safe arrival of a lovely baby boy and that mum is doing well. Pray for this family as they settle into a new routine.

South East Asia

Give thanks that mission partner M is seeing some improvements in her voice after nearly five months of health issues. Pray that she will continue to recover, and pray for the family as they are unable to be in Asia right now and being “in limbo” can be taxing.


Christian Medical College hospital in Vellore sees patients from Vellore, Tamil Nadu, the whole of India and surrounding countries. The CoVid-19 restrictions mean patient numbers were down in April, to just 20 per cent of their normal levels. CMS mission partners there write, “Even when restrictions start to lift the patient mix and numbers are likely to be very different. This will affect the hospital’s income. Please pray for wisdom for our hospital, state and country leaders for this time. And pray for the hospital’s finances. May we all keep serving the people and honouring God.”


One of our local partners is a doctor responsible for her district response to Covid-19. Presently their district is a green zone, but with many migrant workers returning from cities such as Chennai by train, people are worried they could bring Covid-19 to the area. “They are meant to go into quarantine locations on arrival, but it has been hard to find buildings that will accommodate them due to the fear and stigma.” Our local partner, working with Asia-CMS, has been providing training to doctors, nurses, ambulance workers and front line workers, such as NGOs, on Covid-19 prevention. Pray that migrants reach home villages safely and that they can be accommodated for quarantine. Pray for people’s mental and physical health.


Mission partners Andrea and Andrew Young are in the UK and continue to provide pastoral care to United Mission to Nepal team members via Zoom. They are also developing online services and Bible studies. Andrea has daily meeting online with fellow Masters students in Kathmandu, many of whom are very fearful should Covid-19 spread as hospitals are not equipped to respond. Please pray for health and safety and easing anxieties.

Pray for a local partner who will be having a baby by C-section. Please pray that she would have safe delivery and both mum and baby would be healthy.


Please join us in prayer for victims and families of victims in the aftermath of the horrific, senseless attack at a maternity hospital this week. Pray for an end to violence in the country and for peacemakers to prevail.



Our partners and friends at Bujumbura Christian University in Burundi ask us to please continue to pray for peace ahead of presidential elections on 20 May.


Lockdown has been lifted but people are hungry and there is dangerous flooding, which is leading to displacement and loss of life. Please pray for the people of Rwanda as they struggle under these tragic circumstances.

South Africa

Mission partners Caroline and Dick Seed are continuing to put their teaching onto an online platform. Please pray for them and their theological education students in this. As Paul mentions in his video above, the current instability in Africa is leading to a rise in crime in some places, including areas of South Africa. Please pray for peace.

South Sudan

Our local partners Paul and Regina, working with CMS-Africa, ask us to give thanks for a new church that has been planted and already has 210 new members; pray for their discipleship. They are also giving thanks for some lessened local violence and ask us to keep praying for peace in other areas where fighting continues. And finally, they ask for prayer for rain, for no floods and for the provision of food.


Local partner, CMS-Africa country coordinator Judy Murungi asks us to give thanks for the many people in Uganda who have recovered from Covid-19 and to pray for healing for those yet to recover. She also says: “Pray for the vulnerable groups that are most affected, that God will open a door of help and pray that the projected increase in poverty levels in Uganda shall be reversed by God’s miraculous intervention. Pray for the other calamities of floods and locusts that are sweeping the region to stop. Pray also for the churches as they think of how to serve in this season, that they shall seek to serve the people in these tough times and for God to be glorified above all things.”

DR Congo

Jean Bosco, our local partner who leads the Kimbilio Centre for street children in Lubumbashi,reports that the first case of coronavirus in Lubumbashi was confirmed last weekend and tragically he has since died. The city has been shut down again as contact tracing takes place. Lubumbashi is still reeling from the closure of the Zambian borders which has seen the quadrupling of food prices, and many working in the mining sector, which has seen a downturn, have lost their jobs and income. With families struggling to make ends meet there has been a startling increase in the numbers of children on the streets. “For street children in Congo ‘staying at home’ doesn’t have the same meaning as it does for many of us, as the streets are their home. ‘Home’ for them is a place where they are more likely to become infected with the virus.” Please pray that the spread will be contained and that God will watch over these children.

Jeff Sikabwe, local partner, asks us to continue to pray regarding the terrible floods in South Kivu.“It is reported that 15,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed, and seven bridges damaged or have completely collapsed. Roads have been blocked and drinking water supply cut. Almost 78,000 people are reported to have been left without shelter…. Flooding has also affected other provinces in recent weeks, including Haut-Lomami, Tanganyika and Maniema.” Please pray for Jeff and for CMS-Africa as they respond to these and so many other pressing needs as well as they can.

Europe, Middle East, North Africa


Please give thanks that in the midst of all that has been going on, CMS has selected new mission partners for Europe. As people are perhaps contemplating their life and future direction seriously at this extraordinary time, pray that some will be moved towards mission service.

Middle East

From a local partner in the Middle East: “The church here as in the rest of the world is trying to cross the barriers that divide us. There are so many needy people at this time, and we are using all means possible to provide some connection. We cannot supply all the physical needs they are enormous, but we can connect and encourage people with prayer and teaching, sharing a joke and friendship can make a dark day so much brighter. Using online technology, we are able to cross national boundaries to bring connection into this disconnected and isolated world. These are exciting days to be in the job of connecting a loving Heavenly Father with frightened lost individuals. Give thanks for more conversations and connections and pray for more please.”

North Africa

From our friend Bishop Mouneer in Egypt: “This situation affected badly labourers who earn their living on daily basis. There are about 5.6 million of those labourers in Egypt. The unemployment rate has also increased. Many people lost their jobs due to this pandemic. It is indeed a hard time for many workers. We in the diocese believe that we have a role to play in a time like this, so we try to help and support those who suffer because of this lockdown. We are taking different initiatives and different activities in different areas such as supporting the unemployed, providing healthcare, continuing e-learning of our school children and spiritual support and encouragement for our congregations.” Please pray for all of these much-needed efforts.

Latin America


Mission partner Anna Sims is particularly busy at the moment. Due to overcrowding in prisons across Latin America and the threat to life from Covid-19 a programme of early releases is being enacted across the continent. Anna is drawing on the contacts she has made over her time in Peru to assist foreign prisoners who are being released but have no support networks around them. She is helping find accommodation and provide basic necessities for those released while the country continues under lockdown. While not able to visit inside prisons at the moment she is able to provide supplies to those who would otherwise receive nothing. Please pray for her in this vital work.

Mission partner Sharon Wilcox has been delivering food parcels as part of a team on behalf of Life in Abundance Trust. She reports some really difficult home situations that many face, including people who are facing abuse at home and asks for prayer for all those who are suffering abuse during lockdown.


Mission partner Bev Richardson asks for prayer for wisdom for the government of Paraguay in its handling of the pandemic. It has been praised for keeping the numbers of cases low in the country but now has a significant number of cases coming over the porous border with Brazil. She also asks for prayer for St Andrew’s school which is seeking to balance parents’ expectations, demands on staff and ensuring that the pupils continue to receive a good education at home.

Northern Argentina

Mission partners Catherine Le Tissier and Nick Drayson ask for prayer for their next steps as travel back to Argentina continues to be impossible. They also mention the threat of cases coming across the border from Brazil into Argentina and ask for prayer for protection, particularly for the indigenous peoples of the Chaco.


Mission partners Andrew and Lisa Peart ask for prayer for Bolivia’s interim president Jeanine Añez as she seeks to lead Bolivia through the pandemic. She has asked for a national day for prayer and fasting as part of the response to the difficulties faced. Bolivia has once again extended its strict lockdown as it seeks to keep the spread of Covid-19 in check.


Mission partner Evaldo Rodrigues asks for prayer for Brazil’s authorities as Brazil continues to have different opinions expressed on how to deal with the pandemic from national and state authorities. Brazil is the centre for the pandemic in Latin America now. He and his wife Becky Reid have been part of a team from church sharing food parcels in one particular community. He also ask for prayer for ReVive (safe house for abused and exploited girls) as the girls there are in lockdown. He is also working part time in a hospital so please pray for protection of his health.

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