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Prayer News 8 September 2017

“You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy.” Psalm 30:11 (NIV)

Latin America

Paraguay: Peter and Sally Bartlett

Peter and Sally Bartlett are mission partners serving the Anglican Church throughout Paraguay, developing local leaders and bringing kingdom life to new situations. They write asking for prayer for:

  • “The Lord’s favour, good health, safe travel, wisdom, discernment and that he establishes the work of our hands
  • Christ’s wake up call to be heeded in our congregations and communities
  • The faithful preaching of God’s word with boldness in the power of the Holy Spirit in our congregations
  • Boldness for the Chaco church leaders as they teach and minister in their communities.”

Peru: Anna Sims

Anna Sims, a mission partner working in Peru, writes with some prayer requests:

  • “Please pray for A, who has recently been transferred to a UK prison. Pray that she would read the Old Testament that I have given her and see that it points to Jesus
  • Pray for the changes in my ministry focus and wisdom in managing those changes
  • Pray for the remaining VCF (Christian Life and Formation – Discipleship) visits and that the pastors and congregations would be encouraged and enthused by the discussions.”


Madagascar: Derek and Jane Waller

Please pray for mission partners Derek and Jane Waller preparing for service in the Diocese of Toliara, Madagascar. They will be very shortly travelling to Paris to attend an appointment that is necessary in order to obtain their visa; pray that this visa will be granted and that they can fly out to Madagascar as soon as possible.

South Sudan: A short update

Please continue to hold South Sudan in our prayers. CMS trustee, Jane Shaw, writes:

“There are reports this week that 45 people have died of hunger in Terekeka State; 50 have died in Amadi state in the last month and 35 have died in Yambio of HIV/AIDS – they had no food so could not take anti-retroviral medicine. Dozens have also died in Bessalia and Baggari counties of Wau State, and the Catholic diocese has urged the opening of a humanitarian access corridor. The head of USAID, visiting South Sudan, has urged the president of South Sudan to stop obstructing humanitarian access, and has stated that the US government is seriously reconsidering its policy towards his government. USAID has provided $2.7 billion in humanitarian aid since December 2013. Please pray for all hungry people across the country, for the agencies struggling to provide for them – and to reach them, and for a genuine commitment by those in authority to help the starving and end the fighting.”

Uganda: Malcolm Pritchard

Pray for mission partner Malcolm Pritchard who is in Uganda with the Diocese of Northern Uganda, teaching at the Archbishop Janani Luwum Theological College (JLTC).

Malcolm writes: “I have been appointed as curate in charge of the English service of Christ Church parish in the Diocese of Northern Uganda. Please give thanks for this and also for the students of JLTC, who recently went out to evangelise and disciple young people in Gulu town. There were several encounters that led to prayer including one young lady who confessed that she had fallen short of God’s glory this week and was grateful for the opportunity to receive the assurance of forgiveness and a man who was experiencing problems with his boss and was grateful to be able to pray about the issue.”


Taiwan: Catherine Lee

Pray for mission partner Catherine Lee as she is now back in Taiwan after a short trip to the UK to attend her father’s funeral. Pray for God’s comfort and peace during this time, and for all the practical things to fall into place without too many obstacles.

South Asia: Mission partners B and K

Please pray for two of our mission partners based in South Asia, B and K, who are working in the area of anti-trafficking. They write:

“For 50 days, the hill region where we live has been on an indefinite strike. That means everything is closed – roads, schools, all shops, banks, ATMs. As time goes on, frustration rises, food and money are fast running out and the violence is increasing. People are becoming desperate. There is also very little phone signal and no internet.  We were there for the first two weeks. At this point we had no cash left and had to leave (at 3am for safety). Please pray for peoples’ survival and for wisdom and good decisions from the nation’s leaders.”

South East Asia: Mission partners A and L

Please pray for two mission partners A and L, working in a country in South East Asia. They write:

“We put our visas in for renewal today and are still unsure what we need/what they will ask for. Please pray for this whole process. Please also pray for the opposition leader in our country as the government has arrested him as well as closing down a prominent English language newspaper. There seems to be a massive crack down on any opposition before the next elections. Please pray for peace, justice and mercy.”

Nepal: The United Mission to Nepal (UMN) responds to the widespread floods

UMN – CMS is a supporting partner – write about the recent floods, which have killed more than 800 people and left 24 million people severely affected across South Asia.

“UMN has been responding to the floods in Nepal’s southern Tarai plains, which have displaced 461,000 people and destroyed 65,000 homes. Food aid and essential items have now been distributed to over 6,000 households. The UMN staff are now taking a break after the hard work of the last few weeks and preparing to help with further recovery. Pray for the team and that the resources will be available to help many flood survivors. 

Please pray for the availability of visas for UMN’s international volunteers. A government minister is currently deciding whether UMN volunteers should go through a more costly and difficult visa process. Please pray for her to make the best possible decision.”

Britain, Europe and the Middle East

Britain: Yorkshire fundraising event

The York and District Church Mission Society Association is holding a fundraising event on Friday 15 September for members, supporters and friends. Give thanks for the organisers and for all those who lovingly and faithfully raise funds to support God’s work of mission. Please pray for a good attendance at this event and for a real sense of fellowship and God’s presence to be evident.

If you would like to attend this event, then please contact either Miranda Smith on 01904 424322 or Jean Mackay on 01904 412971.

Britain: Together in Mission Day

Next Saturday, 16 September, between 10.30am-3pm there is a day of discovery of “mission in action” in Hull. The Rev Trisha Wick (a mission associate working in Hull as a pioneer minister and previously in South Sudan), mission partners Anna and Chris Hembury who are based in Hull and CMS community mission mobiliser Mark Berry are among the speakers. Please pray for this event and for all those attending.

For more information, please contact Allen Bagshawe on or 01482 702220