Jonny Baker


Jonny Baker

Britain hub mission director

Jonny is passionate about contextual and global mission and the particular edge he brings is the imaginative connection of the gospel to contemporary culture. 

He is a creative communicator. He particularly connects with pioneers, leaders who have the gift of not fitting in as they are called by God to new forms of mission and ministry often beyond the edges of the church. 

Jonny has worked for Church Mission Society since 2004 believing that cross cultural mission is a goldmine for ministry in our own contexts now. 

The main focus of his work in the last few years has been setting up and leading the innovative Pioneer Mission Leadership Training. This has been very exciting with all sorts of creative pioneers engaging with it who are starting new mission projects. 

His role as director of mission education saw him broaden the remit to get involved in the strategic leadership of CMS and to enable learning to be integrated across the whole of CMS – community, mission partners, pioneers and so on. 

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