Faith on the edge

Across the Middle East and North Africa, when people find faith in Jesus, they also find doors shut in their faces. Our partners are helping them hold on and grow…

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Latest prayer news

  • Spain: exploring faith

    A couple serving in Spain ask for prayer for a Muslim family who they connected with recently. Having shared with this family about Jesus’ death and resurrection, the couple ask for prayer for the Holy Spirit to continue working on them and bring them to repentance and salvation.

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  • Lebanon: losing hope

    Mission partner Phil Good writes, “Pray for Lebanon, as the many overlapping crises seem impossible and more and more people are losing hope. Pray for the church to boldly proclaim words of justice and hope. Pray especially for those churches with youth work – they have many, many youngsters who are desperate for a faith […]

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  • Latin America conference

    The CMS Latin America forum ask for prayer for the forthcoming Adelante conference on 30 September and 1 October. Speakers are organised and plans are developing well despite the logistical challenges of hosting this hybrid event. Please pray for everything to come together and for a good conference in just over a month’s time.

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