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Read about the difference your prayers and gifts make in the lives of people at the edges

  • Peace through forgiveness

    Lilias and her family were kept in a war zone by their own memories but discovered that because of Jesus, peace is possible.

  • Pulled back from the edge

    Suddenly, gunfire was all around. Betty took the children by the hand and ran. What else could she do?

  • A wake-up call

    Read how one woman in northern Argentina went from losing everything to finding the light of Jesus

  • Narin’s new chapter

    The story of one man in Thailand reminds us that no one is invisible to God, and that God is often at work right in front of us

  • Tragedy, trauma, transformation

    Refugees in northern Uganda are seeing how following Jesus makes peace possible

  • Partnership makes peace possible

    Where years of war make it tempting to give up on peace, our local partner Sam Malish explains why he keeps going.

  • Life on the inside

    A prisoner from Brazil shares his story of finding the light and hope of Jesus amid the bleakness of life in prison.

  • Feeding hearts and souls as well as tummies

    Pioneering Parishes helped churches in Cosham say yes to their local community in need

  • A secret disciple

    The risks of losing job, family and community mean that some choose to keep faith a secret.

  • Nepal: remote possibilities

    When her daughter was healed through the prayers of local Christians, Misha decided to follow Jesus. She now leads a church in her village.

  • Cleaning up the cleaning sector

    Maritza has gone from being treated like a machine to being seen for her worth as a person.

  • More than a market

    A project to save food waste and serve poor communities has led to changed lives in Brazil.