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Read about the difference your prayers and gifts make in the lives of people at the edges

  • Making a difference to those on the edge of life

    Piriyo, a young man in north east DR Congo, struggled to move around or do much more than sit on a mat outside his hut.

  • Not giving up on life in abundance

    From stuck in pain to set free in ultra-secular Uruguay

  • “Jesus, I’ll buy a Bible if my cat lives!”

    Dayle’s journey from paganism to pioneering mission on her estate in Rotherham

  • “God has never turned his back on me”

    Steve had reached the end of the road. But then he discovered Jesus never gives up.

  • “I was treated as a human being”

    Claire never pictured herself going into a church. So what changed?

  • Not giving up in Ukraine

    “Having lived through months of war, I know that God is my provider, my protector and our healer,” says mission partner Alison Giblett.

  • A school for peace

    A new primary school in conflict-torn Sudan is laying the foundations for peace.

  • A glimpse of heaven

    What happens when 80 followers of Jesus from multiple indigenous people groups gather for fellowship, food and dreaming for the future?

  • Church – for the birds?

    How caring for creation led to community connections for one Tyne and Wear church

  • Unimaginable pressures, uncontainable joy

    Come with us on a tour of changed lives through the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Together on the edge for 10 years

    We celebrate the impact of Asia-CMS’s decade “together on the edge in God’s mission”

  • “I had to keep my faith a secret”

    One of our local partners from a Buddhist background writes about the turmoil and joy of following Jesus.