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Read about the difference your prayers and gifts make in the lives of people at the edges

  • Red light redemption

    How one Thai woman started following Jesus and now helps others at the edges of society find new dignity and freedom

  • Listening for the long haul

    Bestwood Park was one of the first UK churches to take part in Partnership for Missional Church. It left them equipped to engage with the local community…

  • Casting a network for spiritual seekers

    How people have come to hear the good news of Jesus both in person and online, even during lockdowns.

  • Restored lives restoring lives

    Three young women who found faith and purpose at a Brazilian safe house are now mentoring other young girls at risk.

  • Stopping trafficking before it starts

    Mission partners in South Asia report on a decade spent working to prevent human trafficking.

  • Guiding young people to God in Guatemala

    What do I enjoy most about my work? Relationships with the people I serve and seeing their lives transformed.

  • Welcome to Minecraft Church

    We talk to CMS pioneer graduate Kevin Colyer about building a rich Christian community of gamers in a fantastically creative virtual world

  • For Ever, Amen!

    Ever is the first person mission partner Steve Poulson has mentored through to adulthood. It’s an incredible discipleship journey.

  • PMC: From Nottingham to Uruguay

    Churches in Uruguay are getting excited about the Partnership for Missional Church, thanks to two former SAMS mission partners

  • From irrelevance to community hub

    A church in Durham diocese welcomed 1,200 locals to an unusual event over four days in June 2019 – a beer festival…

  • The church in the school

    Numerous congregations meet in school buildings, but how often do relationships go deeper?

  • Beyond the four walls

    What’s a church to do when they find sex workers on their doorstep?