Afghanistan, Pakistan: earthquake

Pray with us for Afghanistan and Pakistan following a 6.5 magnitude earthquake. All our people in mission are safe, though the earthquake was felt in Lahore. Please pray for these countries and everyone dealing with the devastation caused by the earthquake. The Afghan regions affected are particularly remote and hard for any aid to reach.

Food crisis tightens its grip on 19 ‘Hunger Hotspots’ as famine looms in the Horn of Africa – WFP

The World Food Programme today spotlit the Horn of Africa's food crisis in a report that warns of dire consequences for 19 countries where food insecurity is of the highest concern.

Afghanistan: persecuted believers

In a recent press release, television network SAT-7 reported that one year on from the Taliban seizing power in the country, Christians continue to live in fear due to intimidation and security threats. SAT-7 asks for prayer to reach the hearts and minds of people in Afghanistan and help sustain them in their walk with […]

Afghanistan earthquake

More than 1,000 people were killed in a recent earthquake. Pray for the rescue and relief work, for the people who have lost loved ones and for the general logistics of water and food to reach the survivors.

Afghanistan food shortages

Nearly 10 million children are going hungry in Afghanistan, says NGO Save the Children. They report that almost 50 per cent of the population needs urgent support to survive despite continuing food aid. Securing food on a daily basis has become difficult due to a deepening economic crisis in the country, the impact of the […]

Afghanistan violence

After a period of relative peace since the Taliban seized power in August last year, there has recently been a number of attacks and cross-border fighting, killing hundreds and leaving many wounded. Pray for peace.