Give thanks for new mission partners who will begin training with CMS this autumn before heading to Africa: Aaron Stanbury will be working with young people in Kenya and Sarah and Simon Cawdell will serve in Gulu, northern Uganda.

Uganda: South Sudanese refugees

We praise God with local partner Sam Malish for the children’s ministry taking place in refugee camps. Sam asks for prayer for plans to come together to expand this work into another refugee settlement, called Bidibidi. Please pray, too, for refugees’ food supply; rations have been limited to 70 per cent of the recommended amount for […]

DR Congo: war

Bisoke Balikenga, local partner in Bunia, writes, “First of all, I thank God for his protection as he is hearing the prayers of people who are praying for us. We are so thankful to God.  We are living here with war and the killing of people has become commonplace.” Please pray for God’s continued protection over […]

Aaron Stanbury, Kenya

Connecting with children and helping them with basic literacy, setting them on a path for an education that will help them out of poverty

Onesphore Ndayizigamiye

Representing CMS-Africa in Burundi, coordinate its activities, organising meetings and trainings, and advising on the placement of the people in mission and volunteers in Burundi.

Sarah and Simon Cawdell, Uganda

Coming alongside local Christians, helping them to grow in their faith, teaching theology to local leaders and building self-sufficiency.

South Sudan and Sudan: political unrest

Local partner Joseph Noel has just returned from Sudan to his base in South Sudan. He shares that the political unrest in Sudan is intense and asks for prayer to see God’s hand and intervention in the situation. For South Sudan, please pray for wisdom for Joseph and others as they work together to build […]

Madagascar: discipleship and health

Local partner Florent Lahitody asks for prayer for discipleship training in the Diocese of Toliara, for strength and commitment for new disciples as well as discipleship group leaders. Florent also asks for prayer for healing, as he has suffered with poor health over the past few months and this prevents him from travelling far and […]

Uganda: training

Local partner Judith Murungi writes that 15 pastors and leaders recently received CMS-Africa’s holistic transformational leadership training. Praise God for this investment in these leaders and pray for these leaders and their churches to have an impact on their communities, particularly those where cattle-raiding is an issue. Pray, too, for those learning biblical stewardship principles […]

Tanzania: successful vision-casting 

Local partner Paul Kibona writes that he was able to share about CMS-Africa’s training programmes and inspire church leaders about what could be possible in several locations around the country in recent weeks. Praise God for opening a door for Paul to speak with leaders. Pray for more doors to open for life-changing training in […]

Sudan: ongoing conflict

Local partner Hassan James shares that the situation in Kadugli is calmer, but that people are of course worried that conflict may become more serious again. He writes, “Let us continue praying for the church to continue to be a witness and a peacemaker. Let us pray about the political stability of Sudan in general.”

Video: Not giving up on peace: meet Joan Busolo

Joan Busolo, CMS manager in Africa, speaks about her own journey as a disciple of Jesus and how discipleship and peacemaking are intimately linked.