DR Congo: escalating conflict before the election

Mission partner Martin Gordon, Bishop of Goma in eastern DR Congo, writes: “In the last few weeks on the military frontline 20 km north of Goma we have seen one of [the Anglican church’s] school teachers killed, one of our schools destroyed by bombs and two schoolchildren kidnapped. Schools have not started the academic year […]

Uganda: theological training

Caroline and Dick Seed, mission partners working in theological education, say thank you for praying over the last few weeks while they were in Uganda delivering training. They shared, “The Lord went before us and our time was successful in many ways.” Give thanks for the training to two different groups. Pray that the lecturers […]

DR Congo: Rooted in Jesus discipleship course

We rejoice with local partner Etsegeri Emmanuel for the progress made in translating Book Two of the course into the local language. Pray for inspiration for the translators as they press on and seek to find clear, accurate ways to express the meaning of the text in the local language. 

Madagascar: CMS-Africa training 

Praise God for recent 3D (Discover, Develop, Deploy) training for young people and women’s training run by local partner Florent Lahitody in Sakaraha. Pray for the upcoming follow-up training at the end of November and beginning of December. 

Uganda: travelling to support and encourage

Please pray for mission associates Hanna and Ian Spillman as they prepare to go to Uganda at the end of November for three months to support Church of Uganda Kisiizi Hospital. Hanna and Ian ask for prayer for God’s wisdom and discernment and that they might be an encouragement to their colleagues. Please pray, too, […]

The end of a season and the start of another

In mission, as in all life, sometimes things don’t work out quite like we expect.

Ethiopia: refugee ministry

Mission partners Chris and Suzy Wilson write from Addis Ababa: “We’ve been told we can collect our new work permit and residence IDs this week so pray that would all be completed as expected. “Chris is hoping to travel to the refugee camp to run [discipleship] training in mid-November. Some of our friends working for […]

DR Congo: protection

We praise God for his protection of local partner Jeff Sikabwe’s family, particularly his son, Juste, who was injured by a stray bullet while he was asleep in the house. The soft tissue injury has recovered well. Jeff is currently travelling in Burundi to conduct training using CMS-Africa’s courses. Pray for God’s continued protection for Jeff […]

Uganda: registration for theological college

Please pray for Janani Luwum Theological College to be successfully registered with Uganda’s National Council for Higher Education as soon as possible.

Uganda: upcoming training

Caroline and Dick Seed write that their last two training sessions for 2023 are taking place in Uganda over the next two weeks. Teaching and Learning Phase 3 for Uganda Christian University and its affiliates (30 October to 3 November), and Generosity Project writers’ workshop for church training materials (6 to 10 November). During this second […]

South Sudan: relief project for refugees 

Bishop Joseph Mamer of the Diocese of Wanyjok reports, “Praise the Lord! We are thankful to the Lord in everything. My diocesan team was in the field last week and met with the UN, other NGOs and the commission that is responsible for coordinating refugee affairs. The members also met with the leaders of refugee groups. We […]

Uganda: security situation

Please pray for the security situation in Uganda following on from the recent killings of two tourists and their guide at Queen Elizabeth National Park and the two bombs found in churches near Kampala. Mission associate Janie Robson is currently back at Potter’s Village, not that far from the park, for six weeks to support […]