Uganda: work in South Sudanese refugee camps

Please pray for local partner Sam Malish and the refugees he ministers to. Pray for trauma healing training taking place next week for women leaders working with families; for those receiving the training to be well equipped to minister to the families they will meet.

North Africa: training for believers

Praise God for the very useful training Together Network carried out recently for Iranian believers. Please pray for the next course in North Africa; for obstacles to be removed so that people can attend and for instructors and participants alike to come away refreshed and encouraged as well as equipped.

DR Congo: prayer for lasting peace 

People in mission based in Goma share that the conflict situation has eased up a little over the last three weeks. For the many who have suffered trauma or been displaced, pray for God’s peace and healing. For those involved in the violent conflict, pray for God’s conviction and transformation. Pray for lasting peace throughout the […]

Voice of violence, or voice of hope?

Back from DR Congo, mission partner Berdine asks which voices will we listen to – the loud shout of fear or the quieter tones of faith and hope?

Tanzania: Marburg virus

Five people in the north-west of the country have died of Marburg virus, and the authorities are working hard to curb the spread of the virus. Pray for the disease to be stopped in its tracks.

Madagascar, Malawi and Mozambique: Cyclone Freddy

Mission associate Sue Bird in Malawi asks for prayer for those suffering the after-effects of Cyclone Freddy. Sue writes that the HIV testing and counselling centre where she works in Songani (in one of the districts most badly affected) is still standing, although many dwellings are not. Across the three countries, over 300 people have […]

Holiness in the humdrum

Suzy Wilson, CMS mission partner in Ethiopia, reflects on her current season of mission and mothering

Africa: God’s good timing

Mission partners Caroline and Dick Seed reflect that in recent months they have noticed God’s perfect timing in their work of training theological educators across Africa and beyond. Please pray for those who have been trained in recent months to be encouraged and equipped in their work. Pray also for Caroline as she works on […]

North Africa: supporting believers

Pray for safety for mission partner C travelling to meet Christians in North Africa. Pray that he will be a blessing to those he is going to meet.

Ethiopia: training refugees

Mission partners Chris and Suzy Wilson in Ethiopia share that they were able to secure permission for Chris to deliver a preaching course to church leaders from several different ethnic groups in a refugee camp, which was well received with good feedback. Chris hopes to deliver a second block of training, but needs to get […]

CMS-Africa: planning

Give thanks for the opportunity for the CMS-Africa team and CMS staff to meet together in person to share vision and planning. Please pray for fruitful discussions, great discernment and for God to guide and inspire these conversations.

African Christianity Undergraduate and MA Open Evening

Get equipped for ground-breaking mission among people at the edges. Explore our unique undergraduate and postgraduate options.