Uganda: training

Local partner Judith Murungi writes that 15 pastors and leaders recently received CMS-Africa’s holistic transformational leadership training. Praise God for this investment in these leaders and pray for these leaders and their churches to have an impact on their communities, particularly those where cattle-raiding is an issue. Pray, too, for those learning biblical stewardship principles […]

Tanzania: successful vision-casting 

Local partner Paul Kibona writes that he was able to share about CMS-Africa’s training programmes and inspire church leaders about what could be possible in several locations around the country in recent weeks. Praise God for opening a door for Paul to speak with leaders. Pray for more doors to open for life-changing training in […]

Sudan: ongoing conflict

Local partner Hassan James shares that the situation in Kadugli is calmer, but that people are of course worried that conflict may become more serious again. He writes, “Let us continue praying for the church to continue to be a witness and a peacemaker. Let us pray about the political stability of Sudan in general.”

Video: Not giving up on peace: meet Joan Busolo

Joan Busolo, CMS manager in Africa, speaks about her own journey as a disciple of Jesus and how discipleship and peacemaking are intimately linked.

South Sudan: conflict resolution

CMS-Africa and CMS convened a consultation in May in Wau, where church leaders from diverse denominations and locations gathered together to discuss causes of conflict and share about the growth of the Church in spite of conflict. Pray for these church leaders and others to lead their congregations and communities in peacemaking.

Kenya: successful training

We thank God with CMS-Africa for the testimonies around the holistic transformational leadership programme, including people rededicating their lives to Christ and seed projects leading to increased witness of Christ and many needs met in communities. Praise God for this tremendous fruit and ask for more. Local partner Rachel Karanja shares that VISION conferences have also […]

Uganda: Sunday school

Alongside their responsibilities at Moyo Hospital and Kajo-Keji Christian College (in South Sudan) respectively, Neil and Sue Browning lead a Sunday school with five young leaders. Up to 120 children have been attending, and recently many responded to a gospel message. Pray with them that these children seek God seriously.

An invitation to Boris Johnson

A CMS mission partner invites the prime minister to visit southwest Uganda – to gain some perspective and more compassion when it comes to refugees.

Refugee Week

As World Refugee Week draws to a close, may we not forget those who have been forced to flee their own countries to escape violence and persecution. Pray that they will know God’s comfort and pray for CMS people in mission working among refugee communities across the world; this includes mission partners and local partners.

Ethiopia unrest

“We just wanted to send a prayer request for Gambella,” write mission partners Chris and Suzy Wilson in Ethiopia. “On Tuesday last week a group of rebels came into the town and attacked with the aim to take over the town and regional government. It was unsuccessful but there were hours of gunfire and many […]

South Sudan: food insecurity

The World Food Programme (WFP) announced this week that, due to a lack of funds, it is reducing its food assistance in South Sudan, where 60 per cent of the population face severe food insecurity during the lean season, fuelled by continuing conflict, severe flooding, localised drought and soaring food prices. This means that 1.7 […]

Uganda: returning to Potter’s Village

Mission partner Nicci Maxwell has returned to Kisoro this week after being on home leave in the UK. As she returns to a department with great needs, pray for wisdom for Nicci not to take on too much too soon, and for the courage to say no when necessary. One of Nicci’s key colleagues at […]