Argentina: ongoing recovery

Give thanks for Nick Drayson’s ongoing recovery from a heart attack in February. He recently wrote, “Many of you will know how slow and painful it is, but the reassurances are that eventually life will look familiar again! Meanwhile we take it a day at a time.” Please pray for Nick in the slow process […]

Argentina: Nick Drayson

We praise God that mission partner Nick Drayson has been discharged from hospital after heart bypass surgery. Initial check-ups with the surgeon have gone well although Nick continues to be tired and in some discomfort. Please do pray for a full recovery and for those caring for him at home, especially his wife Catherine. Praise […]

Argentina: Nick Drayson

Please continue to pray for Nick Drayson recovering from his heart bypass operation. We understand the operation went well but he will have a significant period of recovery to come. Please also pray for Catherine, Sam and Stefi accompanying him at this difficult time.

Argentina: Nick Drayson

Please continue to pray for mission partner Nick Drayson, recovering from a heart attack in Salta, Argentina. He has been recovering well but will need a heart bypass operation early next week. Praise God Nick’s wife and fellow mission partner Catherine has been joined in Salta by their two children Sam and Stefanie. Please pray […]

Argentina: Nick Drayson

Please pray for mission partner and Primate of South America Nick Drayson. He recently suffered a heart attack and is currently receiving treatment and recovering in hospital. Praise God he is responding well to the treatment but please pray for a full recovery. Pray too for his wife and mission partner Catherine Le Tissier and […]

A glimpse of heaven

What happens when 80 followers of Jesus from multiple indigenous people groups gather for fellowship, food and dreaming for the future?

Argentina: Refresh gathering

Praise God for Refresh, the first ever CMS Latin America people in mission conference, which has taken place this week and will finish today. Pray for all the participants to be able to leave feeling refreshed by God, ready for all he is calling them to this year.

Argentina: Refresh

Pray for Refresh, the first ever CMS Latin America people in mission conference, which will be held in Argentina from 2 to 6 January and attended by the majority of CMS’s people in mission in the region. Please pray that it will be a time for all the participants to be refreshed by God, that […]

Indigenous People’s Declaration shows clear intent

Congress charts a path forward for indigenous groups in Latin America

Argentina: Indigenous Mission Congress

Please pray for the Indigenous Mission Congress in La Caldera, Salta, running until 10 October. Participants have travelled from across the region for this event, so please pray for a special and significant time for all of the participants and a chance to see how they might all walk together in mission in God’s “good […]

Indigenous Mission Congress for Latin America

Bringing together indigenous Jesus-followers from Paraguay, Argentina and Chile in a unique event

Argentina: assassination attempt

Please continue to pray for peace and calm in Argentina after a recent assassination attempt against current vice-president (and former president) Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. A gun was drawn and an attempt made to fire the gun but it jammed and she escaped unharmed. A national holiday was declared on the following day and mass […]