Argentina: food insecurity

In Argentina, many have suffered as a result of the difficult economic situation, with inflation running at 60 per cent and the impact of long COVID-19 lockdowns still being felt. It is estimated that one-third of the population suffers from food insecurity, and in some communities, people are surviving by picking over rubbish at the […]

Mirna Paulo, Argentina

Sharing the good news of Jesus, nurturing believers and helping to lead a pioneering women’s movement

Marcos Humacata, Argentina

Leading an urban church planting team in northern Argentina and supporting the training of rural indigenous church leaders

Argentina, Chile, Paraguay: indigenous peoples’ congress

Plans continue to be developed for an indigenous peoples’ congress in October which will involve CMS and key partners from Araucanía, Chile and the Chaco of Argentina and Paraguay. Please pray for all of this planning phase, for all of the participants as they prepare for the congress and for discernment of the Spirit’s leading […]

Latin America: AMARE gathering

Praise God for the successful AMARE (affiliated with Mothers’ Union) general assembly last week. Members of the women’s ministry from across the Province of South America met to approve a new Provincial team to take the association’s ministry forward. Please pray for Catherine Le Tissier handing over responsibilities and for the new team taking on […]

Under pressure in Argentina

In a fast-changing world, one Wichí family talks about the pressure young people face, and the secret of staying on the right path.

Argentina: Wichí leaders

Pray for God’s strength and wisdom for Rt Rev Crisanto Rojas, a local partner and the auxiliary bishop of Northern Argentina, as he continues to lead the Wichí church congregations across an area larger than Western Europe in often challenging situations. Pray too for God to raise up new spiritual leaders among the indigenous communities.

Argentina and Paraguay: consultations with indigenous peoples

Please continue to pray for this month’s series of consultations with indigenous peoples together with CMS’s partners in the region. Praise God for what was heard through the consultations in the Paraguayan Chaco this week and pray for the upcoming consultations in the Chaco of northern Argentina and in Araucanía, Chile. May we hear and […]

Mirna’s on a mission

After stepping into leadership at a young age, local partner Mirna Paulo is now a leader in a significant women's movement

Indigenous peoples’ advocate, Latin America

We are looking for a passionate Christian who is willing to work alongside the indigenous peoples of Latin America.

Gaston Perez, Argentina

Pastoral apprentice, teaching and serving in the local church and studying theology

Crisanto Rojas, Argentina

Travel in indigenous areas, supporting pastors, teaching, presiding over meetings and working with the diocesan bishop