Iraq: church leader facing blasphemy charges

Middle East Concern writes that a church leader, Bishop Bahzad Mziri, is facing blasphemy charges following social media comments taken out of context, and that he and his family have had to leave Iraq. Christians in Iraq ask for prayer for Bishop Mziri and his family to know the peace of Jesus, for God’s protection […]

Afghanistan, Pakistan: earthquake

Pray with us for Afghanistan and Pakistan following a 6.5 magnitude earthquake. All our people in mission are safe, though the earthquake was felt in Lahore. Please pray for these countries and everyone dealing with the devastation caused by the earthquake. The Afghan regions affected are particularly remote and hard for any aid to reach.

Nepal: development agency

A local partner in Nepal leads a development agency and is currently in the process of selecting board members. Pray for wisdom and discernment in this process.

South Asia: Youth network

Give thanks for the South Asia Christian Youth Network putting together plans for an in-person conference in September to help young Christian leaders connect and grow together. Please pray for all those planning the conference, and particularly for funding needed to make it happen.

Asia: travels

Please pray for CMS’s manager in Asia as she travels to meet partners in South East Asia this week.

Celebrating diversity: mission in diversity

Asia Prayer and Aware gathering 2023

South East Asia: settling in

Give thanks that mission partners I and S have settled in well. Pray for the continued work at their church and also teaching English. Pray especially for wisdom and patience for both I and S in their leadership roles. Give thanks also that a mission partner family is doing well and that the main issues […]

Turkey: desperate situation

Mission partners Nabil and Sarah Shehadi also ask for prayer for the desperate situation in Turkey following the earthquakes. In Antakya (ancient Antioch), 70 per cent of buildings have been destroyed and what remains is unliveable. Please pray for this desperate situation, which is now unfolding as a major catastrophe affecting over 20 million people […]

Thailand: healing for Nancy

Mission partners Jason and Tracy Day ask for prayer for Nancy, a young Naga missionary living in Chiang Mai who is recovering from a stroke. Give thanks for God’s provision and healing so far – it’s been an incredible 18 months. Please pray for her continued recovery, specifically her speech (she desperately wants to be […]

Lebanon: trauma upon trauma

Mission partners Nabil and Sarah Shehadi ask for prayer for Lebanon, where the recent earthquakes brought back the trauma of the civil war for the older generation, the Syrian war for the refugees, and the Beirut explosion in August 2020 for all. In addition, Lebanon’s economic situation is also critical and getting worse, with the […]

Nepal: recovery after a fall

Kyle, the four-year-old son of a local partner in Kathmandu, fell and suffered a concussion recently. We thank God for his healing.

Asia: travels

Please pray for mission associate N as he spends several weeks in two countries in Asia. He asks for prayer for effectiveness in sharing the gospel and for Father’s protection and provision during the trip. CMS’s personnel lead for Asia is currently also travelling in Asia, visiting various people in mission in the region. Pray […]