Israel: restoring church building

Please pray for mission partners Jennifer and Kevin Cable, working to re-open the historic Anglican church in Jaffa, Israel. As restoration plans progress, they are hoping to start the work on the church building – please pray that this can begin as planned.

Pakistan: catastrophic flooding

Despite severe droughts in Africa, South America, Europe and China, South Asia is facing extremely heavy rain and severe flooding. In Pakistan, Baluchistan and Sindh provinces have been badly affected, with much loss of life and damage to homes, crops, livestock and livelihoods. Parts of northern Pakistan are also affected, with landslides in the mountains, […]

Isaac Goh, Malaysia

Mobilising urban churches and young people to serve rural indigenous communities

Liew Hoi Yan, Malaysia

Secondary school teacher, field worker and home guardian at a centre for refugees

Poline Yean, Cambodia

Training leaders in evangelism, discipleship and church planting and making 'every church a Bible school'

Pastor J, Indonesia

Serving and reaching out to an unreached people group

Peter and Vasantha, India

Creating quality video material for schools built on biblical values

Pakistan: catastrophic flooding

Devastating flash floods have left one-third of Pakistan underwater and it is estimated that 33 million Pakistanis have been affected by the disaster. Crops have been washed away, infrastructure destroyed and villages have been cut off. According to minister of climate change Sherry Rehman, the disaster is unlike anything the country has seen before. Pray […]

South Asia: strengthened immune systems

Mission partners B and K write that their family has been through more than their fair share of illness over the past year and a half. Ask God to strengthen their immune systems so they are able to fight off viruses and other things that try to bring them down.

China’s unprecedented drought

Please pray for China, which is seeing an unprecedented drought along its longest river, the Yangtze, due to a month-long heatwave and record low rainfall. Due to a high reliance on hydro-electric power, the country has been forced to implement emergency measures to save electricity, including factories closing, shops reducing opening hours and office buildings […]

Lebanon: losing hope

Mission partner Phil Good writes, “Pray for Lebanon, as the many overlapping crises seem impossible and more and more people are losing hope. Pray for the church to boldly proclaim words of justice and hope. Pray especially for those churches with youth work – they have many, many youngsters who are desperate for a faith […]

Afghanistan: persecuted believers

In a recent press release, television network SAT-7 reported that one year on from the Taliban seizing power in the country, Christians continue to live in fear due to intimidation and security threats. SAT-7 asks for prayer to reach the hearts and minds of people in Afghanistan and help sustain them in their walk with […]