South Asia: returning to the UK

Please pray for mission partners in South Asia who are in the process of preparing to transition back to the UK. Pray for peace for each member of the family, for all the practical things that need to fall into place and especially for the visa process to go smoothly.

South Asia: Christian Youth Conference 2024

Please pray for wisdom for our partners in Asia as they organise this year’s conference. They can no longer hold the conference in Sri Lanka as they had been planning to due to elections. Pray for the team as they consider where to hold the conference instead.

Taiwan earthquake

As Taiwan faces the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, let's pray for the people affected and the government as they navigate this challenging time. May they find strength, comfort, and resources to overcome.

The “little people” matter to God

Rev Dr Chan Nam Chen of Asia-CMS reflects on the best mission strategy: being led by the Holy Spirit

Myanmar: ongoing conflict

Please pray for people in Myanmar, where civil conflict has been ongoing since autumn 2023. The Myanmar government is planning to conscript men (and later women) aged 18–35, beginning in late April. The announcement of these plans in January caused many young people to flee to Thailand. Please pray for wisdom and protection for those […]

Philippines: unity among churches

Mission partners Eric and Sandra Read ask for prayer as they seek to unite local churches in ministry. Pray for local church leaders to be open to working together to reach out and minister to young people and children.

Thailand: burning rice fields

Please pray for mission partners in Thailand and South East Asia as the season for burning the rice fields has started, causing extreme pollution and posing major health risks. 

South East Asia: travelling

Do pray for the CMS regional manager in Asia as she is currently travelling in South East Asia with staff from Asia-CMS. Pray for safety in travel, productive meetings and for relationships to be deepened.

Myanmar: forced conscription

The Myanmar government announced in January that they would forcibly conscript both young men and women. It has not been implemented yet (this may well happen after Buddhist new year in April) but when they do it will affect all young people under the age of 35. Many young people have already fled to Thailand […]

Manipur: long standing peace deal may be revoked

Please continue to pray for the continuing tensions in Manipur. There are ongoing clashes between the Meitei and Kuki ethnic groups. Frequent internet shutdowns mean that getting much information on the situation is hard. On 29 February the Manipur government voted to request the central government revoke a “suspension of operations” agreement (ie, an agreement […]

South East Asia: more volunteers

Local partner Helen Avadiar-Nimbalker shares that she and her team, who provide healthcare and training for women and children who come to them for help, are running at full capacity with a waiting list. Helen asks for prayer for the team to receive the self-care they need so that they can continue to minister to […]

Pakistan: elections approaching

CMS mission partner, F, in Pakistan asks for prayer for the country, which will hold general elections on 8 February. Please pray for good voter turnout, for peace during and after the elections and that the future government will be effective in stewarding the country. Pray also for F, whose role is to help strengthen […]