Afghanistan violence

After a period of relative peace since the Taliban seized power in August last year, there has recently been a number of attacks and cross-border fighting, killing hundreds and leaving many wounded. Pray for peace.

Philippines: tropical storm aftermath

Pray for people in the Philippines, where at least 167 people have died in landslides and floods caused by Tropical Storm Megi last weekend. Over 100 people are missing and two million have been affected by the storm. Pray for all those suffering and trying to rebuild their lives over the weeks and months to come.

South East Asia: restoration, resilience and balance

Mission partners A and L ask for prayer for rest and restoration over the next few months and for good connections with friends and family despite not visiting the UK this summer. Please also pray for resilience for L as she continues to settle and teach her class, with new children joining after the holiday. […]

Personnel director, Central Asia

Seeking someone with a passion to serve God to work with an organisation that exists to bring hope and transformation to the people of Central Asia.  

Expatriate support adviser, Asia

Can you take on expatriate recruitment and support for our partners at the edges in Asia.

Project adviser, Central Asia

Working together to bring enduring change in a challenging context

Nepal: International Nepal Fellowship

As INF celebrates 70 years of service in Nepal, praise God for the wonderful funding and prayer partners of INF who have journeyed with the organisation over the past 70 years. Please also pray for preparations underway for the new INF five-year health agreement, as well as for political stability in Nepal.

South Asia: safe arrival

Give thanks that mission partners E and R have arrived safely in the UK for home leave. Pray for a refreshing time in the UK and good opportunities to connect with families, friends and churches.

Peter Bui, Vietnam

Works to reach unreached people groups and equips local trainers in different people groups to train and reach their own people for Jesus.

Gopal and Susma Tamang, Nepal

Equipping and training local church leaders for ministry and mission

Indira Thapa, Nepal

Leader of the National Mission Commission of Nepal (NMCN), a Christian, indigenous social organisation.

James Pham, Laos

From a neighbouring country in the Mekong region, James shares the gospel with those from his home country and supports the Lao church.