Bolivia: diocesan conference

Please pray for the Diocese of Bolivia’s leadership training conference in Cochabamba, which comes to a close on Saturday 26 August. The event has been organised by CMS local partner Bishop Walter Toro as he seeks to develop the diocese’s leadership. The conference partnered with the Diocese of Birmingham where members of CMS’s Latin America […]

Bolivia: Financial Freedom for Families

Mission partners Andrew and Lisa Peart write, “We are so amazed and grateful for what God is doing in our church, Cristo Luz del Mundo!” Andrew and Raúl, a member of their church, recently launched the Financial Freedom for Families course on biblical financial stewardship in Santa Cruz. Forty-five people attended this initial session, praise God! […]

Bolivia: general strike ended

Praise God that the general strike across Santa Cruz, Bolivia has finally ended and people are now able to return to normal life, including CMS’s people in mission in the city, the Peart family and local partner Franklin Cuenca. An agreement between the national government and regional leaders has resulted in a law which has […]

Bolivia: wildfires

Also in Bolivia, wildfires are causing heavy smoke around Tarija where local partner Bishop Walter Toro lives. Residents have been advised to remain indoors due to very poor air quality and flights to the city have been cancelled. Please pray for an end to the fires.

Bolivia: ongoing strikes

Please pray for the ongoing situation in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, where strikes against the national government continue into their fourth week with roads blockaded and protests against the national census delays continuing. Pray for a resolution to the situation, for peace and for CMS’s people in mission in the region.

Bolivia: ongoing strike

Protests and a general strike continue in their third week Santa Cruz, Bolivia, as the regional government protests the delay of a national census which will determine how and where the country’s resources are used. There have been confrontations between national and regional government supporters and roads are blocked. Please pray for a peaceful resolution […]

Bolivia: strike

Pray for Santa Cruz, Bolivia, home to mission partners Andrew and Lisa Peart and local partner Franklin Cuenca, which is currently experiencing a general strike. The strike is in protest against the government’s delay of a census which will affect how economic resources are shared around the country. Please pray for peace and a good […]

Public (bathroom) witness

What do toilets have to do with mission? Let’s go to Santa Cruz, Bolivia and find out.

First Bolivian bishop consecrated

CMS local partner Walter Toro has become the first Bolivian national to be bishop of the Anglican Church in the country

Andrew and Lisa Peart, Bolivia

Partnering with the local church to engage with the community in pioneering mission through generous, creative hospitality

Walter Toro, Bolivia

Anglican Bishop of Bolivia, the first Bolivian national to take on this role

Franklin Cuenca, Bolivia

Assistant pastor, with responsibility for discipleship and all the teaching aspects of the church.