Book review: Evangelical Christian Responses to Islam

Richard McCallum has created an invaluable resource for anyone with a serious interest in Christian-Muslim relations, says Tom Wilson

Book review: Apocalyptic Theopolitics

Elizabeth Phillips's book is a rich and timely read that provides invaluable and constructive insights, says Wing Yin Li

Book review: Uncertain

James Butler finds Olivia Jackson's raw account of deconstruction offers an important witness that should be listened to.

Book review: People’s Christianity

Tom Wilson explores an engaging read which digs deep into lived Christianity from a Catholic perspective.

Book review: No Wastelands

Jonny Baker recommends Ash Barker's rich and deep handbook for "growing seedbeds of urban shalom".

Book review: Constructing Mission History

Steve Taylor enjoys a fresh and less stereotyped account of mission history from Stanley Skreslet.

Book review: A Primer in Christian Ethics

Luke Bretherton paints a bold and persuasive vision for ethics and human flourishing, says James Butler.

Book review: A Just Mission

Cathy Ross heartily recommends an uneasy read from Mekdes Haddis that unmasks so much of our hubris around mission.

Book review: The Surprising African Jesus

An illuminating introduction to Afua Kuma, theologian whose work is oral, contextual and deeply embedded in its African grassroots

Book review: Practicing Faith

Rosie Hopley on a thought-provoking collection of essays exploring how theology and social vocation can integrate and enrich one another.

Book review: René Padilla, What is Integral Mission?

A fine starting point for engaging with Padilla’s work and his legacy of integral mission, particularly for church groups, says James Butler

Book review: Flourishing in Tensions

James Butler struggles to recommend Michael Bräutigam's textbook discipleship, thought there were nuggets which captured his imagination.