Book review: The Surprising African Jesus

An illuminating introduction to Afua Kuma, theologian whose work is oral, contextual and deeply embedded in its African grassroots

Book review: Practicing Faith

Rosie Hopley on a thought-provoking collection of essays exploring how theology and social vocation can integrate and enrich one another.

Book review: René Padilla, What is Integral Mission?

A fine starting point for engaging with Padilla’s work and his legacy of integral mission, particularly for church groups, says James Butler

Book review: Flourishing in Tensions

James Butler struggles to recommend Michael Bräutigam's textbook discipleship, thought there were nuggets which captured his imagination.

Book review: The Evangelical Quadrilateral Vols 1 and 2

A collection from a past master shows the value of history for evangelicals, says Philip Lockley.

Book review: Churches and the Crisis of Decline

Mark Collinson finds plenty to engage the church in Britain in Andrew Root's weaving of Karl Barth, Charles Taylor and the church's search for relevance.

Book review: Church Planting in Post Christian Soil

James Butler commends a rich engagement with missional theology and a detailed study of models of church in practice

Book review: Young, Woke and Christian

Vicki Gale both loves and hates a book that demands a response

Book review: Using a Missional Framework

Katrina Hutchins on a perfect source of missional inspiration as we seek to reimagine and re-energise our post-pandemic priorities

Book review: Trust in Theological Education

Sue Hart celebrates Eve Parker’s ground-breaking book, which dissects theological education with a decolonising eye

Book review: Resurrection Hope

Kelly Brown Douglas offers deeper insight into racism, challenging, informing and enabling us to make a difference, says Cathy Ross

Book review: A Redemption Song

Rosie Hopley encourages us to read Delroy Hall’s much-needed exploration of Black British pastoral theology