Brazil: flooding and landslides

Heavy rain has led to flooding and landslides across coastal areas of São Paulo state in Brazil. At least 48 people are known to have died and dozens remain missing. Please pray for all those affected, for the families who have lost loved ones and for an end to the landslides.

Brazil: divisions

Continue to pray for Brazil, where the election and subsequent installation of Lula da Silva as president has proved very divisive. Some supporters of former president Jair Bolsonaro do not accept the results of the elections and several thousand stormed the Congress and supreme court on 8 January in continued protest. Pray for peace and […]

Brazil: finishing service on a high

Please pray for short-termers Becky and Evaldo Reid Rodrigues as they finish service with CMS. Praise God that they are now together in the UK, having been apart for 10 months due to the lengthy visa process. Praise God that after four years of work, a fostering system has finally been implemented in Olinda, Recife. […]

Brazil: landslides

In southern Brazil, heavy rains are causing landslides, with one landslide leading to at least two deaths and leaving many more missing. Please pray for safety for people in the affected areas.

First foster family found!

Boy aged five becomes first child to benefit from pioneering fostering service in Brazil

Brazil: political situation

Please continue to pray for Brazil, where many are concerned about the political situation following recent elections. Supporters of current president, Jair Bolsonaro, continue to protest against the result of the election which he lost to Lula da Silva. His party has brought legal challenges demanding the annulment of some votes cast in the second […]

Brazil: election aftermath

Lula da Silva has won Brazil’s presidential election. Defeated current President Jair Bolsonaro has not yet directly conceded although he has said a transition of power will begin. Protests by his supporters have blocked roads, although he has now called for those blockades to be lifted. Please pray for a peaceful transition. CMS currently supports […]

Brazil: another vote

Please pray for the second-round run-off vote in the Brazilian presidential election this Sunday, 30 October. The two candidates – current president, Jair Bolsonaro and former president, Lula da Silva – offer very different visions of the future for Brazil. Please pray for the vote, for wisdom for the electorate and for peace as the […]

Brazil: elections

Please pray for the forthcoming elections in Brazil on 2 October. Pray for peace in the run up to the elections and for a clear result accepted by all. May God give wisdom to the electorate and may the right Presidential candidate be elected.

Brazil: presidential campaigns

Presidential campaigns are now in full swing in Brazil in the run-up to the October elections. With heightened tensions and concerns about the democratic process, please pray for peace and calm in the campaign and for just results to the elections.


Please keep praying for families and communities affected by widespread flooding in Brazil. Evaldo Rodrigues, who has been helping provide relief in Olinda and Recife writes: “Floods caused more than 130 deaths, approximately 80,000 needed to leave their houses and go to shelters and over 10,000 lost their houses because of the floods in the […]

Brazil: tragedy after police operation

A police operation targeting gang members in a favela in Rio has left 19 people dead, including one police officer and a bystander. Pray for the families of those who have lost loved ones.