Brazil: flooding and landslides

Heavy rain has led to flooding and landslides across coastal areas of São Paulo state in Brazil. At least 48 people are known to have died and dozens remain missing. Please pray for all those affected, for the families who have lost loved ones and for an end to the landslides.

Brazil: divisions

Continue to pray for Brazil, where the election and subsequent installation of Lula da Silva as president has proved very divisive. Some supporters of former president Jair Bolsonaro do not accept the results of the elections and several thousand stormed the Congress and supreme court on 8 January in continued protest. Pray for peace and […]

Brazil: finishing service on a high

Please pray for short-termers Becky and Evaldo Reid Rodrigues as they finish service with CMS. Praise God that they are now together in the UK, having been apart for 10 months due to the lengthy visa process. Praise God that after four years of work, a fostering system has finally been implemented in Olinda, Recife. […]

First foster family found!

Boy aged five becomes first child to benefit from pioneering fostering service in Brazil

“We’ve never seen such heavy rain” – floods kill 84 in Brazil

From Rosie and Stu Bayford in Olinda, Brazil: We have never seen such heavy rain and the flooding has been devastating here in Olinda. Our church, O Farol, works closely with a community called V8 which is situated just next to the canal so has been almost wiped out. The majority of these families have […]

A truly super market gets going in Brazil

All smiles as the first shop signs up for surplus food project in Olinda, Brazil

Marcio Ciechanovicz and Noemi Celeti, Brazil

Connecting with people beyond the reach of traditional church, sharing the gospel in new ways and ministering to people’s physical needs.

Flavio Adair, Brazil

Rector of Agua Viva church, developing the leadership and mission vision, planting churches and starting a study centre for training lay people and clergy

Rosie and Stu Bayford, Brazil

Meeting people at the edges with the hope of getting alongside them on a journey of faith.

Daniel and Sarah Brito Medeiros, Brazil

Working with ReVive, a safe house for girls at risk, Sarah as a dance therapist and Daniel as an advocate for at-risk children.

Andy and Kati Walsh, Brazil

Working with local church partners in Florianópolis, helping people in challenging contexts to find hope in Jesus

Katia Rocks, Brazil

Through a church I helped start, I encourage people, particularly women, to connect with Christ.