Burundi: strengthening Christian values

The Anglican Church of Burundi writes that young people testify that Christian values are being challenged in the face of the alternative life choices offered by the world. Pray for young Christians in Burundi as they strive to live in accordance with the Bible and work to strengthen Christian values through training and activities.

Burundi, DR Congo and Rwanda: flooding and mudslides

In the past week, devastating mudslides and flooding have hit Burundi, DR Congo and Rwanda. Please pray for those who are affected; many have lost everything they own and don’t know where their next meal is coming from or where they are going to sleep tonight. Pray too for those trying to bring aid to […]

Onesphore Ndayizigamiye

Representing CMS-Africa in Burundi, coordinate its activities, organising meetings and trainings, and advising on the placement of the people in mission and volunteers in Burundi.

Salvator Nkorerimana, Burundi

Pastor facilitating CMS-Africa’s activities in Burundi and coordinating Matana diocese’s health and HIV/AIDS department