Chile: fires

Please pray for Chile, where more than 100 people have been killed by fires in Valparaíso Province. Remember all those who have lost loved ones, those whose homes have been destroyed and all those who have had to flee. Local partner Gabriel Parra and his family, who live in the city of Valparaíso, are safe […]

Chile: plebiscite

Mission partners Alf and Hilary Cooper write: “Chile has been on a political rollercoaster over the last four years. After the social uprising in 2019, a constitution was proposed and rejected on 4 September 2022. Chile has changed. The mood is swinging to a conservative preservation of Chile’s republican values and now a further attempt […]

Bolivia, Chile, Peru: growing faith

Give thanks for courses and groups in Bolivia, Chile and Peru: Andrew and Lisa Peart in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Alf and Hilary Cooper in Santiago, Chile, and Edward Anchor, short termer in Peru, all give thanks for various different courses and groups their churches have been running. These include youth groups, Alpha, marriage courses and […]

A glimpse of heaven

What happens when 80 followers of Jesus from multiple indigenous people groups gather for fellowship, food and dreaming for the future?

Indigenous People’s Declaration shows clear intent

Congress charts a path forward for indigenous groups in Latin America

Indigenous Mission Congress for Latin America

Bringing together indigenous Jesus-followers from Paraguay, Argentina and Chile in a unique event

Christian Donoso Castillo, Chile

Leading a church planting team and making disciples in urban Chile

Gabriel Parra, Chile

Developing the ministerial strategic plan of the church plant while serving as assistant pastor in a larger nearby church and teaching about Christianity in a local school

Alf and Hilary Cooper, Chile

Working to see churches planted and multiplied in Chile and beyond through pastoring La Trinidad de Las Condes church.