Chile: wildfires

Please pray for Chile, where the south of the country is suffering terrible wildfires. Twenty-four people have already died and thousands have been left homeless as a result of the fires. Pray for the many firefighters working together to extinguish the flames – pray for the strength to keep going until the job is done. […]

A glimpse of heaven

What happens when 80 followers of Jesus from multiple indigenous people groups gather for fellowship, food and dreaming for the future?

Indigenous People’s Declaration shows clear intent

Congress charts a path forward for indigenous groups in Latin America

Indigenous Mission Congress for Latin America

Bringing together indigenous Jesus-followers from Paraguay, Argentina and Chile in a unique event

Chile: voting on new constitution

Alf and Hilary Cooper ask for prayer for the forthcoming plebiscite vote in Chile on 4 September. This vote will decide whether the country will adopt the proposed new constitution, which would significantly affect the country’s future. Please pray for those voting, for wise decisions and for the country as a whole.

Chile, Paraguay: healing for local partners

Please pray for the health of two local partners in Latin America, both currently leaders of their dioceses. Jose Pino (Chile) is currently recovery from an operation, while Agustín Maidana (Paraguay) is suffering from a viral infection. Please pray for their full recovery and for continued good health.

Christian Donoso Castillo, Chile

Leading a church planting team and making disciples in urban Chile

Argentina, Chile, Paraguay: indigenous peoples’ congress

Plans continue to be developed for an indigenous peoples’ congress in October which will involve CMS and key partners from Araucanía, Chile and the Chaco of Argentina and Paraguay. Please pray for all of this planning phase, for all of the participants as they prepare for the congress and for discernment of the Spirit’s leading […]

Future of mission with indigenous peoples

As consultations with indigenous peoples across the region continue, please pray for those meeting in Chol-Chol, Chile this week for the Diocese of Araucanía’s consultation on Saturday 28 May. Pray for the voice of the Mapuche communities there to be heard well and to help shape the future of mission in the region.

Chile: provincial synod

Also this weekend, please pray for the Province of Chile which is holding its provincial synod. Pray for wise decisions to be made and for God’s leading for all of the delegates including mission partner Bishop Alf Cooper.

Chile: natural resources in short supply

This week, plans to ration water in Santiago were announced as a result of 13 years of drought. Seen as another example of climate change, please pray for wise stewardship of the region’s natural resources and for those working in creation care to counteract the damage that has already been done. Please pray particularly for […]

Gabriel Parra, Chile

Developing the ministerial strategic plan of the church plant while serving as assistant pastor in a larger nearby church and teaching about Christianity in a local school