Ecuador: ongoing state of emergency

Parts of Ecuador continue to be under a state of emergency and a night time curfew as violence on the streets continues. The battle between Ecuador’s government and rival drug gangs seeking controls of lucrative drug trafficking routes continues. Pray particularly for Sharon Wilcox and the Orchid project which continues to operate amid these challenges, […]

Ecuador: violence

Ecuador is currently experiencing an upsurge in violence in several provinces as the government battles gangs seeking control of drug trafficking routes. As a result, the province of Santo Domingo de las Tsachilas, where mission partner Sharon Wilcox lives, is currently under a state of emergency. Please pray for an end to the violence and […]

Ecuador: sad news

Mission associate Jill Ball died earlier this week after a period of ill health. She was in Ecuador when her health worsened and passed away with family members having joined her. Our prayers are with her family, friends and those she served alongside in Ecuador.

Ecuador: peace

Please pray for Ecuador, which is experiencing a huge upsurge in violence as drug gangs battle for control of drug trafficking routes across the country. A recent bombing in Guayaquil, a major city, marked a particular turn of tactics and violence, and there have been hundreds of deaths in battles in prisons. Please pray for […]

Ecuador: ongoing dispute

Please continue to pray for the ongoing situation in Ecuador where negotiations continue between protestors and the government while strikes, roadblocks and protests remain ongoing, triggered in great part by rising food and fuel prices. Pray for a peaceful solution to be found soon.

Ecuador protests

Pray for Ecuador which has been rocked by more than a week of protests led by indigenous groups demanding fuel price reductions and an increase in education spending. Protests began with road blockades across the country and at times have turned violent. Some basic supplies are beginning to run very low. Please pray for dialogue, […]

Sharon Wilcox, Ecuador

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