Ethiopia: danger of famine

The BBC reports that there is a serious danger of famine in parts of Ethiopia, particularly the northern Tigray region. This is the time of year when food should be most plentiful, but severe drought is causing hundreds to die of starvation. Pray for food to be multiplied and to somehow reach all those who […]

Ethiopia: equipping refugee leaders

Mission partners Chris and Suzy Wilson are helping train church leaders in refugee camps. They write, “…we’re aiming to provide preaching and leadership training to about 60 different church leaders this year, as well as providing basic discipleship training for another group of about 10 to 20 women.” Please pray for the logistics, as it’s […]

Ethiopia: training for pastors in refugee camps

Chris and Suzy Wilson, mission partners in Addis Ababa, write that Chris recently had a great trip to one of the refugee camps to train local pastors in preaching. Praise God that the training sessions went well and that the students gave positive feedback about the course as a whole. As Chris looks into making […]

Ethiopia: refugee ministry

Mission partners Chris and Suzy Wilson write from Addis Ababa: “We’ve been told we can collect our new work permit and residence IDs this week so pray that would all be completed as expected. “Chris is hoping to travel to the refugee camp to run [discipleship] training in mid-November. Some of our friends working for […]

Ethiopia: renewing work permits and residence IDs

Please pray for Chris and Suzy Wilson as they renew these essential documents this month. Pray for the process to go smoothly and for Chris to be able to make good progress on his PhD while they wait for their applications to be processed. Pray for their paperwork to be processed in time for them […]

Ethiopia: ethnic tension

In Gambella, where mission partners Chris and Suzy Wilson were formerly based, there has been a significant increase in ethnic tension and killings over the past few weeks. Please pray for peace and for the churches there at this time, and for Chris and Suzy and their work of reconciliation and peacebuilding, now based in […]

Ethiopia: ethnic tension

Mission partners Chris and Suzy Wilson ask for prayer for Gambella. The last month has seen a significant increase in ethnic tension and killings in the region. Please pray for peace and for the churches there at this time. 

Ethiopia: preparing to return

Please pray for mission partners Chris and Suzy Wilson and their children in their final two weeks of home leave, for precious times with family and friends and time and space to rest. Pray for their safe return to Addis Ababa on 16 August. 

Holiness in the humdrum

Suzy Wilson, CMS mission partner in Ethiopia, reflects on her current season of mission and mothering

Ethiopia: training refugees

Mission partners Chris and Suzy Wilson in Ethiopia share that they were able to secure permission for Chris to deliver a preaching course to church leaders from several different ethnic groups in a refugee camp, which was well received with good feedback. Chris hopes to deliver a second block of training, but needs to get […]

How long?

Serving with her family in Ethiopia, Suzy Wilson finds a full stomach and a feeling of security leave her yearning...

Chris and Suzy Wilson, Ethiopia

Working in reconciliation and peacebuilding with local Christian leaders.