Holiness in the humdrum

Suzy Wilson, CMS mission partner in Ethiopia, reflects on her current season of mission and mothering

Ethiopia: training refugees

Mission partners Chris and Suzy Wilson in Ethiopia share that they were able to secure permission for Chris to deliver a preaching course to church leaders from several different ethnic groups in a refugee camp, which was well received with good feedback. Chris hopes to deliver a second block of training, but needs to get […]

Ethiopia: training for pastors in refugee camps

Mission partners Chris and Suzy Wilson ask for prayer for training for church leaders in refugee camps in Ethiopia. Over the past few weeks, Chris has spent time developing a basic training course – once it is ready, it will need to be approved by SIM and the churches who might participate in the training. […]

Ethiopia: peace agreed

We are grateful for the news that a truce has been agreed between warring factions in Ethiopia. Both sides have agreed to halt the two-year violent conflict that has resulted in a major humanitarian crisis. “The agreement between the Ethiopian government and Tigrayan forces should allow aid deliveries to resume,” says the BBC. Based in […]

Food crisis tightens its grip on 19 ‘Hunger Hotspots’ as famine looms in the Horn of Africa – WFP

The World Food Programme today spotlit the Horn of Africa's food crisis in a report that warns of dire consequences for 19 countries where food insecurity is of the highest concern.

Ethiopia: ongoing violence

Mission partners Chris and Suzy Wilson request: “Please pray for the whole nation of Ethiopia. After a five-month truce, fighting has resumed in the north of the country. It will be coming up to two years since this conflict first broke out, and there are estimates that half a million people have died so far […]

Horn of Africa “cannot wait” for food aid, says WFP

The UN World Food Programme (WFP) is expanding assistance in the Horn of Africa as levels of hunger soar after back-to-back droughts and the threat of famine looms. Since the start of the year, nine million more people have slipped into severe food insecurity across Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, leaving 22 million people struggling to […]

How long?

Serving with her family in Ethiopia, Suzy Wilson finds a full stomach and a feeling of security leave her yearning...

Ethiopia: training for refugee students

Chris and Suzy Wilson write that as a result of continued conflict in the country, the leaders of the Anglican Church have deemed it unsafe for a group of refugee students to travel to Gambella for training. Instead, Chris will make a few visits to their refugee camp and deliver some training there. Please pray […]

Ethiopia unrest

“We just wanted to send a prayer request for Gambella,” write mission partners Chris and Suzy Wilson in Ethiopia. “On Tuesday last week a group of rebels came into the town and attacked with the aim to take over the town and regional government. It was unsuccessful but there were hours of gunfire and many […]

Ethiopia tension and thanks

“As has been the case for a long time, Ethiopia remains fairly tense,” write CMS mission partners Chris and Suzy Wilson. “The situation continues to be very difficult up north and there is lots of conflict in the Oromia region halfway between Addis and Gambella. Please pray for an end to violence, for lasting peace solutions […]

Chris and Suzy Wilson, Ethiopia

Working in reconciliation and peacebuilding with local Christian leaders.