UK: community garden in Liskeard

Festo and Grace Kanungha write that Festo has been working on preparing a community garden, including restoring some donated benches. Soil testing has now revealed that the soil is contaminated and not suitable for growing fruit or vegetables, although it is fine for trees and flowers. Raised beds were already a part of the plan […]

Ukraine: offering aid

Please continue to pray for Alison Giblett and local partners Valery Alymov and Anya Manchuliak and their church in Kyiv. They are reaching out with aid and encouragement to areas in the east and south that have been liberated from Russia. This is difficult, demanding and potentially dangerous work: pray for safety and stamina, for […]

Ukraine: situation critical

On Monday 21 November there were many missile strikes in Kyiv and across Ukraine and the situation in Kyiv is now critical due to the continued Russian strikes against the energy infrastructure systems. Against this backdrop, snow has arrived and temperatures are now below freezing, making the situation even more desperate. The Tabernacle of the […]

UK: Plymouth food club

Mission partner Ruth Sayers writes that Churches Together in Devonport are continuing to run a good club. The membership has grown and they are reaching more families and individuals. Please pray that the team is able to use the resources they have wisely and to assist where they can in meeting the needs of those who […]

Ukraine: offering aid

Please pray for mission partner Alison Giblett and her church in Ukraine as they travel around the country, ministering to people and offering humanitarian aid.

UK: cost of living

This week the CMS staff team got together for our monthly all-staff day. In the morning we talked about the challenges the UK and the rest of the world are facing: anxiety, fear, instability, violence, polarisation, division, climate crisis. We pray for God’s mercy and for the grace to keep following Jesus, and to keep […]

Ukraine: overcoming darkness

We heard earlier in the week from CMS local partner and pastor Valery Alymov in Kyiv: “Today we were again subjected to heavy rocket attacks. In Kyiv, there is no electricity, communications, water… The Russians attacked our infrastructure. Pray for us. We really want to get ready for the coming winter.” Please continue to pray […]

Ukraine: power struggles

Power cuts are a big problem now in Ukraine; our people in mission there tell us it’s harder to get around as public transport is extremely limited. Pray for an end to the destruction of electricity supplies and other important infrastructure. Continue to pray for an end to the violence and pray that all Christians, […]

UK: recruitment

CMS is currently looking for several new people to join the office team. Please pray for God to call, equip and bring the right person to fill each of these roles and for God’s clear guidance for those meeting and interviewing potential new employees.

UK: CMS pioneer students

Please pray for our pioneer students, who are finishing their first reading week and are halfway through the autumn term. Pray for students and the teaching team as they prepare for graduation in December.

Ukraine update 13 Oct 2022

As we continue to pray against violence and especially for churches and all people in the occupied territories in Ukraine, we can also give thanks for the faithful ministry of mission partner Alison Giblett and her church, Tabernacle of the Living God (TLG), led by local partner Valery Alymov. The church celebrates its fourth anniversary […]

Ukraine update

Our people in mission in Ukraine have been mainly working in villages near Kyiv and are now also considering how they might minister among people in the east of the country near the Karkhiv region. Please pray for wisdom regarding how to work effectively in the east. If you haven’t already, please take a look […]