Berdine van den Toren-Lekkerkerker, Netherlands

Living a life of mission, both locally in our community and globally as I support Christian leaders in Africa and Asia to resource others.

Valery Alymov, Ukraine

Sharing Jesus with others, preaching the gospel, making disciples and planting churches.

Sergiu Brădean, Romania

Pastors an evangelism-focused church in an ethnically diverse area.

Noel Diaz, Spain

Pastoring a small church plant, coordinating Bible study groups and continuing to evangelise and draw new people to Jesus.

Ann-Marie Wilson, Britain

Working to end FGM and violence against women and girls, especially across Africa and the diaspora

Festo and Grace Kanungha, Britain

Supporting and resourcing local churches in their ministry to children and young people, working closely with St Martin’s Liskeard

Ruth Sayers, Britain

Church worker showing Christ in the community through helping people get back into work, assisting with Bible studies, pastoral care and more.

Anna and Chris Hembury, Britain

Sharing life with people on the margins and supporting them to connect with themselves, each other, the planet and God.

Garry Ion, Britain

Supporting and connecting with people on the margins, especially men, through practical work in Community Shed groups.

Alison Giblett, Ukraine

Providing spiritual and material care to those in need through my church and the Genesis ministry (helping people with destructive behaviours)

Ukraine update 22 March

The place in western Ukraine where CMS people in mission have been staying with dozens of fellow church members is viewed as a temporary refuge centre. Our colleagues report that due thousands more of people arriving in the area from Mariupol, Chernihiv and Kharkiv, they are being encouraged to move to a new location: “So […]

“We are doing what we can”

As refugees seek safety in countries on Ukraine’s western border, our partners offer welcome and care.