Leveraging indigenous theologies

Paul Ayokunle argues that adopting Indigenous theological perspectives is both necessary and urgent to enable the gospel to flourish

Anaditj: the way things are

Denise Champion contrasts Western ways of viewing reality with those of the traditional inhabitants of Adnyamathanha country, South Australia

The blessing of diversity

Jay Mātenga on being true to who we are created to be, while remaining open to being transformed through interactions with those not like us

Ukraine: Offering more than just aid

How our local partners bring practical and spiritual support to their fellow Ukrainians

“God has never turned his back on me”

Steve had reached the end of the road. But then he discovered Jesus never gives up.

“I was treated as a human being”

Claire never pictured herself going into a church. So what changed?

Not giving up in Ukraine

"Having lived through months of war, I know that God is my provider, my protector and our healer," says mission partner Alison Giblett.

A glimpse of heaven

What happens when 80 followers of Jesus from multiple indigenous people groups gather for fellowship, food and dreaming for the future?

Collectives with soul

Alison Webster offers community organising as a model of challenging and changing our neoliberal society.

Sustainability, African identity and climate justice

Israel Olofinjana critiques western notions of sustainability and offers a different model for climate justice.

“I used to sleep in church”

My name is Danilo; I am 18 years old, from central Guatemala City. And this is my story.

Life-saving love

A project supported by mission partners in Honduras proved a literal lifeline for one young mother struggling with mental health.