Honduras: progress on many fronts

Mission partners Lindsey and Steve Poulson write that a visiting mission team from the US helped begin a new barber shop, which will provide employment and training for young people and provide a small income for Proyecto Alas itself. Secondly, the coffee shop, Cafe Alas, continues to thrive and is now in the capable hands […]

Life-saving love

A project supported by mission partners in Honduras proved a literal lifeline for one young mother struggling with mental health.

Floods in Brazil and Honduras

There have been exceedingly heavy rains this week in Olinda, Brazil with widespread flooding. Local partner Bishop Flavio Adair asks for prayer for the city. Please pray for all CMS’s people in mission in the city. Last week Lindsey and Steve Poulson’s home in Tegucigalpa, Honduras was also hit by flooding. Please pray for all those affected by the heavy rains and flooding in both countries.

Lindsey and Steve Poulson, Honduras

Mentoring, creating safe spaces for at-risk children and young people to grow and supporting local project development.

For Ever, Amen!

Ever is the first person mission partner Steve Poulson has mentored through to adulthood. It's an incredible discipleship journey.