New chapters in Central America

How Jesus changed the lives of two young men on the edges in Honduras

The cutting edge

Haircuts and mentoring carved a brighter future with Jesus for one young Honduran drawn into drugs and street life

Honduras: high levels of violence

A recent NGO report has highlighted that people in Honduras are facing war-like levels of violence. Please pray for peace instead of gang-led violence and for all those who live in such violent contexts. Pray too for CMS mission partners Lindsey and Steve Poulson serving in some of these contexts and for those they partner […]

Life-saving love

A project supported by mission partners in Honduras proved a literal lifeline for one young mother struggling with mental health.

Lindsey and Steve Poulson, Honduras

Mentoring, creating safe spaces for at-risk children and young people to grow and supporting local project development.

For Ever, Amen!

Ever is the first person mission partner Steve Poulson has mentored through to adulthood. It's an incredible discipleship journey.