India: conflict in Manipur

Former CMS mission partners Kailean and Kim Khongsai, originally from Manipur, ask for prayer for people in the area, where conflict has been ongoing since early May and left 50,000 people displaced, over 140 dead and thousands injured. Pray for the many who have been displaced and injured, for help to reach them. Pray for […]

India: landslides, flash floods

Northern India has recently seen torrential downpours leading to landslides and flash floods. Hundreds of roads have been blocked by landslides and flooding has filled streets with debris. At least 22 people have died as a result. Pray for all those affected by the disaster and those involved in rescue and rebuilding efforts.

India: ongoing violence in Manipur

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Manipur, where Christians are being killed and churches burnt. Pray for an end to the violence and for God to miraculously minister to those under attack.

India: conflict in Manipur

Please pray for the people of Manipur, where there is an ongoing clash between the dominant people group and smaller people groups. People from the Meitei group have ransacked 15 churches and there are also reports of several deaths, many casualties, and villages being burned down. Please pray for an end to the conflict and […]

Asia: staying well and standing firm

Across the region, COVID is again on the rise, as is influenza, in spite of the summer heat. Pray for God’s protection and for people to take sensible precautions so that the viruses stop spreading. Pray for the people of God to stand firm as persecution continues to increase in Asia, and in particular in […]

India: anti-conversion laws

A few Indian states have passed anti-conversion laws, and Christians could now face up to 10 years in prison if found guilty of converting somebody. Please pray that Christians in India will still manage to be faithful witnesses to the good news in all they say and do despite this tightening net.

Peter and Vasantha, India

Creating quality video material for schools built on biblical values

Hemkhomang Haokip, India

Serves at a theological college that strives to equip lay leaders in the church as well as up-and-coming leaders in the Church and society.

Discipling with open hearts and homes

Local partners with Asia-CMS are introducing people to Jesus and helping them grow as disciples despite the difficult conditions of the pandemic