India: heatwave

Copy hePlease continue to pray for people in India, where the heatwave continues. High temperatures (above 40C every day, and over 50C at times in some locations), combined with humidity, hot winds, water shortages and power outages, are causing people to die of heat stroke. Pray for a cool change to come through and for […]

India: heatwave

Please pray for the people of India as the country faces a severe heatwave, especially in the eastern state of Odisha. Temperatures have soared past 50C in some areas.

India: persecution

Please pray for Asia-CMS partners in north India, as persecution is on the increase, particularly in rural areas.

India: elections

As elections continue in India for the next few weeks, we continue to pray that they will be peaceful and we pray for people in mission in India at this time.

India: elections

India’s elections begin today and will take the next few weeks to complete. Please pray for the elections to be peaceful and for the right person and party to form the government.

Manipur: long standing peace deal may be revoked

Please continue to pray for the continuing tensions in Manipur. There are ongoing clashes between the Meitei and Kuki ethnic groups. Frequent internet shutdowns mean that getting much information on the situation is hard. On 29 February the Manipur government voted to request the central government revoke a “suspension of operations” agreement (ie, an agreement […]

India: teacher training trip

Mission associate Mary Fairfield asks prayer for a group of Chirstian teacher trainers currently in India, for safe travels, good health, great conversations and training of teachers. Pray too for Mary as she was sadly not able to go.

India: conflict in Manipur

Former CMS mission partners Kailean and Kim Khongsai, originally from Manipur, ask for prayer for people in the area, where conflict has been ongoing since early May and left 50,000 people displaced, over 140 dead and thousands injured. Pray for the many who have been displaced and injured, for help to reach them. Pray for […]

Peter and Vasantha, India

Creating quality video material for schools built on biblical values

Hemkhomang Haokip, India

Serves at a theological college that strives to equip lay leaders in the church as well as up-and-coming leaders in the Church and society.

Discipling with open hearts and homes

Local partners with Asia-CMS are introducing people to Jesus and helping them grow as disciples despite the difficult conditions of the pandemic