Indigenous Memory and Mission

Asking questions about the good ways to walk with indigenous peoples

Video: Jay Mātenga interview

Jay Mātenga shares his personal backstory as well as the richness that comes from Indigenous perspectives on faith.

Story of the First Nations Version project

How Terry Wildman came to translate Scripture into the thought patterns of North American indigenous people

Reflections from indigenous leaders in Latin America  

The health and harmony of the community is a priority for South American indigenous leaders – with the pursuit of peace a constant objective

A glimpse of heaven

What happens when 80 followers of Jesus from multiple indigenous people groups gather for fellowship, food and dreaming for the future?

Indigenous People’s Declaration shows clear intent

Congress charts a path forward for indigenous groups in Latin America

Indigenous Mission Congress day by day

Daily posts from the gathering of indigenous peoples reflecting on mission in South America

Indigenous Mission Congress for Latin America

Bringing together indigenous Jesus-followers from Paraguay, Argentina and Chile in a unique event

Momentous move for AMARE

Local leadership for Latin American women’s network takes a major step forward

Under pressure in Argentina

In a fast-changing world, one Wichí family talks about the pressure young people face, and the secret of staying on the right path.

Book review: Exploring Indigenous Spirituality

Tom Wilson reviews a fascinating first foray into the largely undocumented world of the Kutchi Kohli Christians of Pakistan.

“The future will depend on them”

The elders of the church in South America are seeking new faces who can navigate cultural and social changes and challenges