Paraguay: flooding, outbreak of chikungunya

In Paraguay there have also been heavy rains causing flooding and some communities have been isolated as roads have become impassable. A chikungunya outbreak also continues in Paraguay with at least 33 people having died this year as a result. Please pray for all those suffering from the mosquito borne disease, for a quick and […]

Ecuador, Peru: heavy rains

Please pray for all those who have been affected by heavy rains across the region. In Peru and Ecuador many have died as a result of flooding and landslides, infrastructure has been destroyed and crops have been lost. Many are without work and some communities are completely cut off.

Ecuador: earthquake

After the recent 6.8 earthquake in Ecuador in which at least 15 people died, please pray for all those who have lost loved ones, those who are injured and need healing and for all those who have had their homes and properties damaged. We praise God that mission partner Bev Cannon and her husband, mission […]

Peru: cyclone aftermath

Please pray for those in Peru, particularly in the north of the country, who have been hit by unusually heavy unseasonal rains brought by cyclone Yaku. The resulting flooding and high river flows have left more than 50 people dead and many more have lost their homes and belongings.

Argentina: ongoing recovery

Give thanks for Nick Drayson’s ongoing recovery from a heart attack in February. He recently wrote, “Many of you will know how slow and painful it is, but the reassurances are that eventually life will look familiar again! Meanwhile we take it a day at a time.” Please pray for Nick in the slow process […]

Central America: gangs

The recent murders and kidnappings of US citizens in the north of Mexico has once again highlighted the power and violence of cartels and gangs across the region. Please pray for the families of those affected and those of many more Mexicans who are kidnapped every year. Pray for an end to this violence and […]

Latin America: drugs trade

Please remember in prayer the many countries across Latin America scarred by violence related to the drugs trade. Pray particularly for the diminishing of the demand which makes the trade so lucrative, for an end to the violence and for wise and honest government that will not be corrupted.

Peru: protests

Please continue to pray for Peru, where protests sparked by the impeachment of former president, Pedro Castillo, continue to demand early elections for a new president and a new Congress. Pray for peace and reconciliation and for a just solution to the country’s divisions.

Paraguay: chikungunya

Pray for Paraguay, where an outbreak of the chikungunya virus has infected over 18,000 people and killed at least 14. Pray for the outbreak to be contained and for healing for those who have already been infected.

Argentina: Nick Drayson

We praise God that mission partner Nick Drayson has been discharged from hospital after heart bypass surgery. Initial check-ups with the surgeon have gone well although Nick continues to be tired and in some discomfort. Please do pray for a full recovery and for those caring for him at home, especially his wife Catherine. Praise […]

Chile: wildfires

Please pray for Chile, where the south of the country is suffering terrible wildfires. Twenty-four people have already died and thousands have been left homeless as a result of the fires. Pray for the many firefighters working together to extinguish the flames – pray for the strength to keep going until the job is done. […]

Argentina: Nick Drayson

Please continue to pray for Nick Drayson recovering from his heart bypass operation. We understand the operation went well but he will have a significant period of recovery to come. Please also pray for Catherine, Sam and Stefi accompanying him at this difficult time.