Mission partners Mark and Rosalie Balfour fly back to Guatemala this morning – about 24 hours of travel. They ask for prayer for “re-entry into life in Guatemala and – above all else – that we keep ears, eyes and hearts open to Jesus and the prompting of the Holy Spirit through our travel and […]

Lambeth conference

Please continue to pray for all those participating in the Anglican Church’s Lambeth Conference, which beings Friday 29 July, including a number of CMS people in mission and strategic partners from Latin America, as well as bishops from partner churches in Africa, Asia and the rest of the world. May they all know God’s guidance […]

Brazil: tragedy after police operation

A police operation targeting gang members in a favela in Rio has left 19 people dead, including one police officer and a bystander. Pray for the families of those who have lost loved ones.

Argentina: food insecurity

In Argentina, many have suffered as a result of the difficult economic situation, with inflation running at 60 per cent and the impact of long COVID-19 lockdowns still being felt. It is estimated that one-third of the population suffers from food insecurity, and in some communities, people are surviving by picking over rubbish at the […]

Public (bathroom) witness

What do toilets have to do with mission? Let’s go to Santa Cruz, Bolivia and find out.

“I used to sleep in church”

My name is Danilo; I am 18 years old, from central Guatemala City. And this is my story.

First Bolivian bishop consecrated

CMS local partner Walter Toro has become the first Bolivian national to be bishop of the Anglican Church in the country

Paraguay: rain

July and August are the months when the Paraguayan Chaco receives the least rain. Mission partner Tim Curtis reports that water tanks and cisterns are running dry, although he continues to share what he has at the Rio Verde centre with those who come in search of water. Please pray for more rain and for […]

Latin America: Lambeth Conference

Several CMS people in mission in Latin America will be attending the Anglican Communion’s Lambeth Conference, which begins early next week. From Chile, Alf and Hilary Cooper; from Argentina, Nick Drayson and Catherine Le Tissier, Crisanto Rojas and Mateo Alto; from Bolivia, Walter Toro and Adela Cueva and from Uruguay, Daniel Genovesi and Mechi Tarragona […]

Chile, Paraguay: healing for local partners

Please pray for the health of two local partners in Latin America, both currently leaders of their dioceses. Jose Pino (Chile) is currently recovery from an operation, while Agustín Maidana (Paraguay) is suffering from a viral infection. Please pray for their full recovery and for continued good health.

Brazil: deforestation

As deforestation rates in the Brazilian Amazon have hit a new six-year high, please pray for work to minimise its destruction and for creative ways to protect this huge rainforest, which is key to the absorption of greenhouse gases for the good of all the world.

Around the world: cost of living crisis

Pray for those all around the world being affected by rising food and fuel prices. In Latin America, a number of countries have seen widespread protests which sometimes have turned violent. Please pray for the poorest, who are most affected, and for wisdom for governments to know how best to respond to the crises facing […]