Guatemala: presidential election

Please pray for justice and the will of the Guatemalan people to be observed. There have been legal challenges to the transition of power to President-elect Bernardo Arévalo after he won the presidential run-off with 61% of the vote. Pray that justice might be done and that Guatemala might be able to move forward in […]

Brazil: land rights

Indigenous peoples in Brazil celebrated the supreme court decision last week to uphold their rights to ancestral lands and not to restrict them to the lands occupied in 1988 at the time of the institution of the new constitution. Please continue to pray for justice in the area of land rights across the Latin America […]

Brazil: answer to prayer

Along with mission partners Marcio Ciechanovicz and Noemi Celeti, we give thanks for a big answer to prayer. They have found a very good Portuguese teacher for their children, a Christian called Rejane, who has not only helped the children improve their grades but is also praying for them. Please pray for Marcio and Noemi’s […]

Latin America: looking ahead

Please pray for the next stage of dialogue with leaders from across Latin America and with CMS’s people in mission and staff across the region regarding pioneering mission in Latin America. The aim is to look at how a mission movement might grow using creativity and innovation to share Jesus in the places where the […]

Guatemala: independence celebrations

As the country prepares for its annual independence celebrations this Sunday (with activities also on Saturday), it is experiencing a time of great political uncertainty with the election of a new president (who takes office in January) and there are fears of a coup or assassination being attempted by his opponents. Also, there is currently […]

Ecuador: drug trafficking gangs

Please pray for the people of Ecuador, where violence continues as drug trafficking gangs fight with the state authorities. Recently nearly 60 prison guards were taken hostage by imprisoned gang members although they were later released. Pray too for the country as it approaches its presidential election final run-off vote in mid-October. May the right […]

Brazil: Aguazinha community market

Thank you to those who have been praying for the community market in Aguazinha, which was struggling to source the surplus food necessary to supply those in need. Rosie and Stu Bayford write that they are once again receiving more food, allowing them to once again offer fresh fruit and veg to the local community. […]

Peru: clothing former prisoners

From mission partner Anna Sims, who ministers among female prisoners and ex-offenders in Peru: “The Winter Clothing Event for the ex-offenders was a joyful time. All the ex-offenders that we currently work with in Lima are invited to hear a short reflection and then ‘shop’ from the seasonal clothing donations we’ve received. Each woman is […]

Allen Gardiner day 2023

A special anniversary leads Paul Tester to reflect on mission at the edges

Latin America: Adelante conference

Please pray for the upcoming Adelante conference (23 September) with its focus “Mission on the urban edge”. As the volunteer team from CMS’s Latin America forum pull the event together please pray for the team, for all those who will be speaking and presenting, for all the attendees travelling from across the country and joining […]

Ecuador and Guatemala: Elections

Praise God for peaceful elections in Guatemala with the election of new President Bernardo Arévalo. Please continue to pray for a peaceful transition of power and for the future direction of the country. In Ecuador, following the assassination of presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio who had spoken out against drug gangs and corruption, voting in presidential […]

Brazil: travelling

Please pray for CMS manager in Latin America Paul Tester and director of mission Andy Roberts as they spend time in Brazil visiting people in mission. Pray for them to bring encouragement to those they visit.