Honduras: high levels of violence

A recent NGO report has highlighted that people in Honduras are facing war-like levels of violence. Please pray for peace instead of gang-led violence and for all those who live in such violent contexts. Pray too for CMS mission partners Lindsey and Steve Poulson serving in some of these contexts and for those they partner […]

Ecuador: increased violence

Pray for Ecuador, which continues to see an increase in violence as gangs fight for control of drug trafficking routes. Please remember in prayer CMS’s people in mission in the country; Sharon Wilcox and Bev Cannon de Pinos. Pray for Sharon as she partners with a church in Quito to establish a new Orchid Project […]

Argentina: dengue fever

As dengue fever has spread rapidly across northwest Argentina, please pray for all those affected. Forty people are known to have died and at least 60,000 have been infected as a result of this outbreak. Please pray for the disease to stop spreading and for healing for those who are currently ill. Please particularly remember […]

Hope deferred, not lost

At the end of the world, CMS people in mission in Latin America reconnected with history and found renewed purpose

Not giving up on life in abundance

From stuck in pain to set free in ultra-secular Uruguay

Latin America: recovery from illness

Please continue to pray for those CMS people in mission in Latin America who are unwell. Remember Nick Drayson in prayer as he continues his recovery from a heart attack and bypass surgery and praise God he is doing well. Pray too for him and Catherine Le Tissier as they prepare for their move back […]

Latin America: peace and justice across the region

Pray for all those across the region who act against injustice, exploitation and violence. Those who do so often put their own lives in great danger as a result. Pray for God’s kingdom of peace and justice to come to all areas of Latin America.

Brazil, Peru: short-termers

We praise God for short-termers Lydia Greenwood (at ReVive, Brazil) and Edward Anchor (at the Anglican Church of Peru) and pray for them as they serve in their different communities. May they see God at work and continue to be inspired and encouraged in their ministry.

Latin America: migrants risking it all

Remember in your prayers all the migrants across Latin America who have left their homes seeking a better future, often escaping poverty and violence. Their journeys are perilous, as are those of many more around the world. This week at least 38 people died in a fire at a Mexican migrant processing centre on the […]

Paraguay: flooding, outbreak of chikungunya

In Paraguay there have also been heavy rains causing flooding and some communities have been isolated as roads have become impassable. A chikungunya outbreak also continues in Paraguay with at least 33 people having died this year as a result. Please pray for all those suffering from the mosquito borne disease, for a quick and […]

Ecuador, Peru: heavy rains

Please pray for all those who have been affected by heavy rains across the region. In Peru and Ecuador many have died as a result of flooding and landslides, infrastructure has been destroyed and crops have been lost. Many are without work and some communities are completely cut off.

Ecuador: earthquake

After the recent 6.8 earthquake in Ecuador in which at least 15 people died, please pray for all those who have lost loved ones, those who are injured and need healing and for all those who have had their homes and properties damaged. We praise God that mission partner Bev Cannon and her husband, mission […]