Chile: plebiscite

Mission partners Alf and Hilary Cooper write: “Chile has been on a political rollercoaster over the last four years. After the social uprising in 2019, a constitution was proposed and rejected on 4 September 2022. Chile has changed. The mood is swinging to a conservative preservation of Chile’s republican values and now a further attempt […]

Indigenous Memory and Mission

Asking questions about the good ways to walk with indigenous peoples

Bolivia, Chile, Peru: growing faith

Give thanks for courses and groups in Bolivia, Chile and Peru: Andrew and Lisa Peart in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Alf and Hilary Cooper in Santiago, Chile, and Edward Anchor, short termer in Peru, all give thanks for various different courses and groups their churches have been running. These include youth groups, Alpha, marriage courses and […]

Ecuador: new Orchid Project

Prayer for a new Orchid Project in Cuenca, Ecuador. This project helps young adults with learning disabilities learn the life skills they need in order to be more independent. It has been running for just over a month at Cuenca Christian Church, coordinated by Beverley Cannon de Pinos and Johnny Pinos. This project was originally […]

Brazil: open doors for the gospel

In Florianópolis, mission partners Andy and Kati Walsh and Katia Rocks are longing to share Jesus with and disciple men, women and young people in prison. Please pray for favour with decision makers and for breakthrough so that Andy, Kati, Katia and other believers are allowed to run discipleship courses in the women’s prison and […]

Guatemala: just married

We praise God with Azaria Spencer and David Pocasangre for their wedding last weekend. Pray for Azaria and David as they start married life and see what God has for their future ministry together.

Northern Argentina: faithful service

CMS staff in Oxford are grateful to have had time with retiring mission partners Catherine Le Tissier and Nick Drayson this week. We celebrated their decades of service in Argentina and beyond. They have both worked so hard in practically helping people to grow as disciples of Jesus, and helping create a movement of spirit-filled […]

Latin America: El Niño

Please pray for those affected by the changed weather patterns in Latin America as a result of El Niño. Several areas including the Amazon continue to be hit by severe drought while the Panama Canal has had to reduce the number of ships passing through it as there is not enough water to feed the […]

Latin America: creative, innovative mission

Pray for the ongoing conversations in Latin America involving the CMS Latin America team, people in mission and partners in the region exploring how CMS can best contribute to a movement of creative and innovative mission that will reach those who the traditional Church struggles to engage with.

Mexico: hurricane aftermath

A powerful storm, Hurricane Otis, hit Mexico’s Pacific coast on Wednesday. Officials are assessing the damage caused by the hurricane and according to the ministry of defence, 8,000 soldiers have been deployed to help clear up the damage. Pray for all those affected by the hurricane. 

Ecuador: new Orchid Project

Praise God that a second Orchid Project is starting up in Cuenca to help empower adults with intellectual disabilities to become independent. The project is being launched this Monday, in Cuenca Christian Church (where mission partner Bev Cannon and mission associate Johnny de Pinos are serving).  Pray for confidence and encouragement for the volunteers, who […]

Ecuador: new president

Following elections last weekend, Ecuador has its youngest ever president, 35-year-old Daniel Noboa. President Noboa faces significant challenges in the country, notably increased insecurity as drug trafficking gangs vie for control of lucrative supply routes. Please pray for President Noboa and for Ecuador, particularly for peace and security for the people there.