Isaac Goh, Malaysia

Mobilising urban churches and young people to serve rural indigenous communities

Liew Hoi Yan, Malaysia

Secondary school teacher, field worker and home guardian at a centre for refugees

Malaysia: Asia Gateway

Mission partner Berdine van den Toren-Lekkerkerker asks for prayer for the participants of June’s Asia Gateway programme and for their families, communities and ministries. The study programme brought together leaders in mission from 10 different countries and offered participants the chance to spend time together, learn with and from each other and be built up […]

Malaysia: intercultural training programme

Students from 10 different countries are taking part in the Asia Gateway intercultural training programme in Malaysia. Pray for them to stay healthy and for good friendships to be formed during this time.

Malaysia: training

Please pray for CMS local partners preparing to attend Asia Gateway training in Malaysia. Pray for visas to come through and for logistics to fall into place.

Malaysia: refugee and immigrant communities

Refugees and immigrants in Malaysia have no real status in the country, meaning they cannot work legally, access medical care or send their children to school. NGOs and other organisations are stepping in, but they remain stateless. Pray for barriers to be removed so that refugees can make new lives for themselves and their families. 

South Asia: special educational needs progress

Give thanks for a successful regional teachers’ conference in Malaysia in March where mission partner L was speaking. Please continue to pray for L and her involvement in the first international educators’ conference in the country where she and A are serving, held at her school this Saturday. There will be 11 workshops happening around inclusion alone […]