Middle East: risk of war between Israel and Hezbollah

The United Nations has stated that a “catastrophe beyond imagination” could be on the horizon. Israel and the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah (backed by Iran) have been exchanging fire across their border for the past nine months and this could develop into a war on a much bigger scale than the destruction in Gaza and […]

Middle East: ongoing war

According to a UN-backed assessment, there is a high risk of famine for close to half a million Palestinians across Gaza as long as the war continues. Pray for food to be miraculously multiplied so that more people can be fed and for aid to reach all those who need it.

Middle East: Gaza war

As the ceasefire proposal is under review, may they experience the fruits of dialogue and reconciliation in place of conflict and division.

Iran: elections

Pray for the elections in Iran, that just and wise leaders may be elected, and for a peaceable transition of government.

Middle East: Gaza war

Tzachi Hanegbi, national security adviser to Israel’s prime minister, has gone on record as saying the war will go on at least until the end of 2024. Please pray for God to move in this situation and bring the war to an end much sooner than that. Pray for peace, justice and mercy in Israel […]

Middle East: media ministry

Give thanks with our local partners working with a multimedia outreach ministry in the Middle East. Since taking on managing their social media account some months ago, the followers have grown from less than 100 to more than 6,000. She is encouraged at how people are sharing their stories and inspiring each other on the […]

Steps forward in rehab

More men are leaving addiction behind in Israel

Middle East: discipleship training

Please pray for discipleship training happening in several countries in the Middle East in April and May. Pray for trainers as well as those being trained to be able to lay aside distractions and engage fully with the training. Please also pray for God to move people’s hearts so that violence is stopped and for […]

Middle East: ongoing war

Nabil and Sarah Shehadi write, “We are thankful that the war in Gaza has not fully escalated into Lebanon, but please keep praying. There are daily and deadly exchanges of fire across our southern border, with tens of thousands of displaced people on both sides and thousands of properties damaged (mainly in Lebanon, which has suffered […]

Israel: renewal of visas

Please pray for mission partners Jen and Kevin Cable, serving in Jaffa, who are in the process of renewing their visas. This is particularly complicated this year, involving more bureaucratic hurdles than previously. Please pray that their visas will be granted according to God’s will so that they may continue to work with God in […]

Middle East: peace

A Muslim-background believer in Jesus living in the Middle East asks for prayer for Israel–Gaza: “I would want the war to stop now. I believe Psalm 46 and Micah 4:1–5 is a great way to see and pray God’s vision that war weapons will turn to harvest tools. Please pray for walls against the message […]

Middle East: aid for northern Gaza

The BBC reports that a recent attempt to deliver food aid to northern Gaza by the World Food Programme was blocked by the Israel Defense Forces and that the 14 lorries were later looted by crowds of desperate people. Please pray for peace, justice and mercy in Israel and Palestine, that violence will cease, that […]