Learning to lay things down

Phil and Sylvie Good reflect on how Middle East mission meant laying aside not just home comforts but even the skills they had to offer

Lebanon: preparing to leave

Pray for Phil and Sylvie Good as they prepare to return to the UK in August and leave behind so many for whom life is tough. Pray for the people of Lebanon, who are living through the worst financial crisis in the country’s modern history.

Europe, Middle East and North Africa: regional conference

Pray for all the logistics and planning around the region’s people in mission conference, which is coming up at the end of May. Pray for travel arrangements, programmes, meetings and more to come together.    

Middle East: rain

Mission partners J and R in the Middle East write to thank supporters for praying for rain, which has duly arrived, but they still need more! Please keep on praying for more rain during the last few weeks of the rainy season.

Lebanon: Syrian refugees

Pray for our people in mission and other Christians in Lebanon to be able to share God’s love through their genuine care, concern and practical help for refugees. Pray for God to open hearts and cause refugees to have a genuine encounter with him.

Europe, Middle East and North Africa: new mission partner

Praise God with us for a new mission partner preparing to serve with Together Network in the Middle East and North Africa. Pray for God to equip her for what he has called her to and prepare the way ahead of her.

Middle East: two Bible translations

Mission partners involved in Bible translation in the Middle East write that one of the translations they are working on is now ready to be published on an app, which their intern is building. Pray for the team as they make decisions about spelling and extra letters for sounds that other local languages don’t have. […]

Middle East: peace and reconciliation

Pray for people across the region where Jesus was born; for reconciliation between people groups, for peace and for renewed hope for the future, especially at this time of year.

COP27 follow-up

Give thanks for the impact of faith voices at COP27 and for the agreement to set up a Loss and Damage Fund to assist poorer countries. May it be backed up with resources from the rich nations! Pray for the work to engage more Christians across the Middle East with creation care and climate justice […]

Iran: ongoing unrest

Elam Ministries asks for prayer for an end to the government’s violent crackdown on protesters and that God would raise up righteous leaders for Iran. Praise God that amid the unrest, people are turning to Jesus and the Church is growing. Pray for comfort for hurting and grieving Iranians, and for many more to find […]

Lebanon: cholera

Mission partners Nabil and Sarah Shehadi ask for prayer for the health and protection of all from cholera, which has now been detected in the water supply and sewers throughout Lebanon. Pray for clean water and improved management of water supplies. Pray also for mission partners Phil and Sylvie Good in their work with refugees. Pray […]

Middle East: discipleship training

Please pray for the Together Network as they run discipleship training in Syria, Iraq and the Gulf. Pray for relationship building, open hearts and growth.