Video: Views from the edges – Bahrain

Learn how believers from a Muslim background are growing as disciples thanks to a partnership between CMS and Together Network.

Springs of water

The crisis in Lebanon is energy-sapping in every way. Phil Good asks where is the living water for the poor and refugees?

Faith on the edge

Across the Middle East and North Africa, a new partnership is helping people hold on to faith in Jesus

“Please do not shut the door”

How CMS and Together Network are supporting seekers and new believers and helping churches understand how to welcome them

Middle East: Bible translation

Mission partners J and R give thanks for progress with Bible translation projects. They ask for prayer for the checking and community testing of two Bible translations; that these processes will reveal any places where the translations are unclear. Please also pray for the main translator, D, to find good treatment for a kidney stone […]

Lebanon: situation spiralling

Mission partners Nabil and Sarah Shehadi write that the devaluation of Lebanon’s currency and soaring inflation have brought 80 per cent of the country below the poverty line. Food insecurity is also at a new high as Lebanon imports 90 per cent of its wheat from Ukraine and Russia. Pray for the people of Lebanon. […]

Lebanon: new home

Mission partners Phil and Sylvie Good recently moved back to Lebanon, into a new flat. Give thanks for the provision of this flat in walking distance of their refugee friends, and pray for Phil and Sylvie as they settle in and make it a home. Pray also for the people of Lebanon as the country […]

Phil and Sylvie Good, Lebanon

Supporting multiple organisations discipling new believers across the MENA region and fundraising to bring the good news across borders

Forgotten people, not forgotten by God

A mission partner in the Middle East witnesses growing curiosity about Jesus among long-term Syrian refugees

Middle East discipleship

Give thanks for the faithful ministry of our partners who are journeying with seekers, often from other faith backgrounds, as they explore the way of Jesus. A 25-year-old man recently contacted them through a Facebook page – he had been reading the Bible and wanted to know more. After being put in touch with a minister local to him, this young man has been regularly meeting to learn the meaning of being a disciple and is now committed to the local church and has been baptised. Pray for all such courageous people exploring faith in Jesus for themselves.

Middle East: translation trickiness

From a mission partner couple who must remain anonymous: “We are working in the Middle East (sorry, we can’t be more specific) doing Bible translation, and we ask for prayer: today a local man reviewing the translation of the Sermon on the Mount commented that it was not possible for your right hand to cause […]

Lebanon elections

Pray for peace in Lebanon as parliamentary elections are this Sunday. The stakes are high, as much of the population are currently living below the poverty line amid economic turmoil that many people blame on political standstills and corruption.