Open hands

A CMS Presence resource to assist in nurturing prayerful presence

Not giving up on life in abundance

From stuck in pain to set free in ultra-secular Uruguay

Holiness in the humdrum

Suzy Wilson, CMS mission partner in Ethiopia, reflects on her current season of mission and mothering


An invitation to nurture prayerful presence

Video: Grounded in not knowing

Mining ancient apophatic traditions, finding energy and wisdom for pioneering sacred terrain.

Treasure seeking

Caroline Kennedy offers practices that sustain her own personal spirituality and reflects on how to “find the gold”.

Stay with us: stability and momentum through change

Ian Adams explores the Emmaus story as a guide for living through constantly changing times

The empty pool

What truths are revealed when we prayerfully engage with a particular place? Ian Adams explores how art and theological reflection collide in persistent presence.

The spirituality of fundraising

Spirituality. Fundraising. In the same sentence? Really? Why should we ask for money? Why do we give, as a response to the asking?

A new psalm of lament

Join us in offering this psalm of lament for the nations of North Africa, written by one of our mission partners.

Creation Care: a biblical reflection

At a key moment in the story of humanity's engagement with the earth and her creatures, Ian Adams reflects on Genesis.

Audio: Prayer exercises by Ian Adams

Now with added series of prayers exploring movement, sound and paradox in prayer. Also includes praying with the parables and the seasons.