Paraguay: rain

July and August are the months when the Paraguayan Chaco receives the least rain. Mission partner Tim Curtis reports that water tanks and cisterns are running dry, although he continues to share what he has at the Rio Verde centre with those who come in search of water. Please pray for more rain and for […]

Chile, Paraguay: healing for local partners

Please pray for the health of two local partners in Latin America, both currently leaders of their dioceses. Jose Pino (Chile) is currently recovery from an operation, while Agustín Maidana (Paraguay) is suffering from a viral infection. Please pray for their full recovery and for continued good health.

Agustín and Teresa Maidana, Paraguay

Bringing the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ not only in our immediate environment, but also to the indigenous communities of our country

Argentina, Chile, Paraguay: indigenous peoples’ congress

Plans continue to be developed for an indigenous peoples’ congress in October which will involve CMS and key partners from Araucanía, Chile and the Chaco of Argentina and Paraguay. Please pray for all of this planning phase, for all of the participants as they prepare for the congress and for discernment of the Spirit’s leading […]

Paraguay progress

Give thanks that the COVID-19 situation has improved dramatically in Paraguay, with mission partner Tim Curtis reporting that the government declared an end to the state of emergency on 19 April.

Argentina and Paraguay: consultations with indigenous peoples

Please continue to pray for this month’s series of consultations with indigenous peoples together with CMS’s partners in the region. Praise God for what was heard through the consultations in the Paraguayan Chaco this week and pray for the upcoming consultations in the Chaco of northern Argentina and in Araucanía, Chile. May we hear and […]

Paraguay: consultations with indigenous communities

From 3 to 5 May the Diocese of Paraguay will be holding consultations with indigenous communities of the Chaco. These consultations will be facilitated by local partner Agustin Maidana and mission partner Tim Curtis and form part of a wider listening project as CMS works with its strategic partners to discern how God is leading […]

Indigenous peoples’ advocate, Latin America

We are looking for a passionate Christian who is willing to work alongside the indigenous peoples of Latin America.

Bev Cannon, Paraguay

Sharing the gospel contextually through working as a school chaplain at Colegio San Andres (CSA), developing the next generation of leaders

Tim Curtis, Paraguay

Building up the body of Christ through writing, translating and producing discipleship training and study materials in the Énxet language.

Building up indigenous leaders in Paraguay

Facing the future with only 14 ordained priests in the whole country is a significant challenge for the Anglican Church in Paraguay